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I’m Eating a Burger Next to a Vegetarian Lady on a Flight and She Keeps Complaining About It

Plane flights are democratic: anybody can get them. In today’s story, a cooking clash in the middle of the sky was the primary lead character. Unavoidable problems and a concern: was he incorrect for consuming a hamburger beside a vegetarian individual? Let’s discover.

He described the scenario.

This is occurring today, and the woman sitting beside me is glaring daggers at me while making passive-aggressive remarks under her breath.

I have an 8-hour flight with a brief connection. The 1st flight just served a little cracker pack, and the 2nd will be the very same. Throughout the connection, I just had hardly sufficient time to range from one end of the airport to the other.

As soon as I got to my linking gate, I discovered I had adequate time to buy food however not consume it. I contacted eviction representative to see if I might bring food on board, and she gladly assured me that I could. I went and got a hamburger, french fries, and a beverage.

When I was permitted to put the tray down, I did and began to consume. This is when the woman sitting beside me informed me she does not consume meat or fried foods and the odor of my hamburger and french fries is making her ill.

At initially, I neglected her and continued consuming, however she grumbled louder. I lastly informed her I purchased the food after talking to eviction representative, and I’m starving, so she’s out of luck. She called the flight attendant and was informed that I was well within my rights to consume food that was purchased the airport.

I understand I’m ideal when it concerns the airline company guidelines, however the food is pungent in an confined location, and she’s still glaring at me, so am I incorrect?

Individuals on the web protected him.

  • “A hamburger and french fries is not ‘pungent’.” Alternative-Wait3533 / Reddit
  • “Just due to the fact that she does not authorize of consuming meat and fried foods does not imply she can determine what others around her are consuming.” Craftychickmary / Reddit
  • “Some individuals do have an hostility to meat smells. My kid does. The individual who was a vegetarian on the airplane must anticipate this might take place. It is unreasonable to anticipate everybody else to be vegan or vegetarian.” Top-Letter-548 / Reddit
  • “This is a aircraft, not this lady’s individual living-room. I can not think how impolite some individuals are on aircrafts — she requires to fly personal if she desires it 100% to her requiring requirements.” Straight-Singer-2912 / Reddit
  • “If she would have just made a remark about the odor, perhaps I would have voted in a different way. Considering that she offered the details that she does not consume meat … to me, that smells like a vegan attempting to pity you.” justMe482 / Reddit
  • “I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years and to me, meat DOES stink. I personally would not have stated anything, however I comprehend where she was originating from.” Nonchalant_Wanderer / Reddit
  • “Public transport draws, however consuming on a aircraft is regular and appropriate, so regrettably it was her thing to handle. It’s not like you can quickly wait till you land to consume cold mushy food.” thewhiterosequeen / Reddit
  • “She spent for her seat which’s it. Not for the right to apply her will on individuals around her. Do as you need to — 8 hours without food will be more difficult to sustain an entitled guest. The rest of the flight may be a little unpleasant, however at least you will not be starving.” lobosaguila / Reddit
  • “Tell her the quicker she stops grumbling,

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