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Individuals Are Sharing What They Think Australia’s Biggest Threat Is And The Responses Mean Serious Business

Some individuals have an unrelenting desire to do a SWOT analysis. Thinking of the strengths, weak points, chances and risks of a person/place/thing is truly what pleases them in life. Just recently, Reddit user u/Redditpolice69256 triggered this group of crucial thinkers in the r/AskAnAustralian Subreddit with one concern: “What do you think is Australia’s most significant enemy/threat?”. Let’s simply state that the reactions got ~ verrrrry ~ fascinating. Here are the LOL-worthy (however, truthfully genuine) choices of the lot …

1. “Bakeries charging for sauce”

2. “The cost of KFC gravy has me pleading for reform.” 3. “Men’s three-quarter trousers” 4. “The return of Harold Holt”

@makingatruecrimerer/ Via

— u/Robert _ Vagene

In 1967, Australia’s 17th Prime Minister Harold Holt inexplicably vanished after going swimming with some peers in Portsea, Victoria. His body was never ever discovered, sustaining lots of speculations and conspiracy theories about his enigmatic death.

“He returns and resembles ‘Did you cunts even attempt to try to find me? I’ve been drifting like 1km away this entire time, I might see the coastline!'”

— u/ktr83

5. “The realty market”

@jasonballo/ Via

6. “Bunnings sausage sizzle rate boosts” 7. “That fucking spider hiding in the corridor” 8. “Emus” 9. “Tunneling bears” 10. “Fake seizure male in Melbourne”

u/thegreatmindaltering/ Via

— u/Historial _ Active722

For many years, Reddit users have actually reported encounters with a gentleman in Melbourne’s CBD who fabricates seizures. On numerous events, this guy has actually apparently dropped and begin ‘taking’– however he stays lucid enough to have a great chat with whoever is around. When the individual whose discovered him provides to call an ambulance, he declines, gets up and flees. The gent likewise asks individuals to rest on his back and hold him down.

12. “Another tried intrusion by Starbucks” View this video on YouTube Paddle Studios/ Via

— u/tempo1139

Among the mistakes in Starbucks’ international growth was its effort to broaden into the Australian market over 20 years earlier. The business is precious in the United States, Australia currently had a thriving coffee culture, and Starbucks merely could not split the market, which ultimately required the closure of 61 shops throughout the nation. Because the fall of Australian Starbucks, the little need for the coffee chain (and especially its specialized beverages) has actually gradually developed back up, keeping the lights on for a variety of shops throughout states like NSW, VIC and QLD.

13. “The bi-annual tax boost on beer” 14. “I ‘d state Ninja Turtles are a little a concern” 15. “My property owner.” 16. “The ibis” 17. “Underpants where the crotch constantly uses out initially” Obviously, these reactions are satirical and there are other, more alarming concerns in Australia’s sight. If you desire to inspect out the more major contributions, here is the complete Reddit thread.

That being stated, emus actually do position a danger to Australia’s security.

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