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Inside Camp Half-Blood: ‘Percy Jackson’ VFX, Production Heads on Building the Demigod’s World

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The Disney+ series utilizes ILM’s StageCraft sets to produce its virtual environments — and turned to fan art to assist produce the program’s appearance.

Walker Scobell in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Disney/David Bukach

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[Thisstoryconsistsofspoilersforthe3rdepisodeof[ThisstorycontainsspoilersforthethirdepisodeofPercy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+.]

After being declared as the kid of Poseidon at the end of Percy Jackson and the Olympians2nd episode, Percy (Walker Scobell) starts his mission to return the Master Bolt to Olympus. He, Grover (Aryan Simhadri) and Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries) struck the roadway, winding up at, as the episode title (and matching chapter of The Lightning Thiefnotes, the “Garden Gnome Emporium” of Medusa (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

Other than, as will hold true with the majority of the places the trio gos to on their mission, the stars didn’t really endeavor out throughout the nation– rather, they worked mainly within a StageCraft embeded in British Columbia, with the ILM-designed area offering virtual areas for both Camp Half-Blood and the locations Percy, Annabeth and Grover will go to later on in the season. The innovation– likewise utilized on The Mandalorian, House of the Dragon and other productions– permits the stars, director and cinematographer to see the virtual environment around them and develops a more immersive on-set world than working versus a blue- or green-screen background.

“The minute your brain takes you there, you’re inside that world. It’s genuine,” production designer Dan Hennah– an Oscar winner for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King — informed The Hollywood Reporter“The foreground has [built] aspects you can touch, and the background has aspects you can see, and they collaborate in consistency. You’re entering your own impression, which is really cool.”

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians books consist of a great quantity of description of locations and things, however they’re not shown. VFX manager Erik Henry turned to a variety of various sources for motivation– consisting of fan-created art of the camp.

“That was certainly a location I browsed the web and saw what individuals liked, and I obtained from that, let’s state,” Henry stated. “I hope that individuals will like what we did.”

Henry likewise stated the long panning shot when Chiron (Glynn Turman) is revealing Percy around the camp was a cooperation in between his and Hennah’s groups. “Dan had a concept of what that ought to be, and we put in all of what Dan desired,” Henry stated. “Because it was this huge pan, we began to scratch our heads and state, ‘Well, perhaps we must include a bit more.'”

The waterfall and volcano in the background were amongst the additions, as were looks of a paddock for flying horses kept at the camp– an allusion to the 2nd book in the series,

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