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iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro: What are the distinctions?

We’re comparing 2 of Apple’s newest iPhones. Credit: Stan Schroeder/ Mashable/ Shutterstock

The world has plenty of competitions, each side encouraged that theirs is the very best. In this semi-regular series, we pit 2 rivals versus each other to see how they accumulate.

This iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro deep-dive relative analysis will provide you clearness on what, preciselyare the distinctions in between the 2 phones. Do not fret; we’ll check out how the video cameras vary, too, a popular demand amongst potential iPhone 15 purchasers.

The iPhone 15 expenses $800, however the iPhone 15 Pro is more pricey at $1,000. That being stated, I understand what you’re questioning. Does the iPhone 15 Pro truly have functions that deserve the additional $200?

No, I will not inform you which phone to get. Rather, I’m going to inform you the distinctions in between the 2 and let you choose which gadget is best for your way of life. Let’s dive into this iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro face-off, shall we?

(Note: Check out our iPhone 16 report centerIf might discover that neither design in the iPhone 15 series does it for you, you can constantly wait on the next model.)

iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro: cost

The iPhone 15 has a beginning cost of $800 through Apple’s main site and it features the following specifications:

  • 128GB of storage

  • 6GB of RAM

  • A16 Bionic chipset

  • 6.1-inch display screen

You can get more storage, however it’ll cost you. If you desire 256GB of storage, the iPhone 15 will set you back $900. Speaking from experience, I ‘d suggest getting the 256GB version, especially if you like hoarding images and videos. Otherwise, the 128GB design will haunt you with a “storage complete” mistake, requiring you to erase your cherished media material within a year (or less) of usage.

The base iPhone 15 design features 128GB of storage. Credit: Stan Schroeder/ Mashable

If you’re a huge spender, you can get the iPhone 15 with 512GB of storage, which costs $1,100. If you have sufficient cash to invest on thatyou ‘d be much better off updating to the iPhone 15 Pro with 256GB of storage, which is precisely the exact same rate.

Mentioning the iPhone 15 Pro, it has a beginning rate of $1,000 by means of Apple’s main site and features the following specifications:

  • 128GB of storage

  • 8GB of RAM

  • A17 Pro

  • 6.1-inch display screen

The most pricey iPhone 15 Pro, loaded with 1TB of storage,

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