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‘It’s going to begin’: Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon cast tease ‘action-driven’ and ‘heavy backstory’ Part 2 on Netflix

What’s in shop for Kora and business in Rebel Moon Part 2? (Image credit: Clay Enos/Netflix)

Prospective Rebel Moon Part 1 spoilers follow.

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver will be a “war-driven” follow up filled with “heavy backstory” components.

That’s the decision of Rebel Moon‘s cast, who teased what audiences can anticipate from the impressive Netflix area dream’s follow up next year.

With Rebel Moon Part 1 Launching on the streaming giant– read our spoiler-free ideas on Netflix’s Rebel Moon Part 1 before you view it– Snyder perfectionists and basic audiences are now turning their attentions to its follow-up. The Scargiver is set to show up on Netflix in April 2024 so, fortunately, the wait will not be a long one.

Still, with Rebel Moon Part 2 4 months away, I could not assist however ask the film’s cast (at the movie’s UK junket in early December) for a couple of mean what’s to come in among 2024’s brand-new Netflix films. Naturally, they could not ruin anything substantial– we would not desire them to anyhow– however a few of them were brave enough to tease specific elements of Part 2: The Scargiver‘s ambiance, tonality, and story.

Here’s your very first take a look at Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver(Image credit: Netflix)

“It’s going to start”, Ed Skrein, who plays the atrocious Atticus Noble, stated. “He [Noble] is going to be mad following his embarrassment in Part 1, so he’s going to begin himself in Part 2.”

“We go to more areas, however we likewise go deeper into each character, the story, and the tradition,” teased Sofia Boutella, who depicts Rebel Moon‘s lead character Kora. “We check out those relationships and, ideally, make audiences care more about the rebels’ cause. In Part 2, we’ll see something rather various for Kora, too, which sets the tone for the motion picture and how she acts. It’ll certainly be more amusing, enjoyable, and filled with action scenes.”

Part 2 is really action-driven and war-driven

Star Naiz, Rebel Moon star

The ratcheting up of the action and sci-fi-laden drama are amongst the most teased elements of The ScargiverElaborating on Boutella and Skrein’s remarks, Staz Nair– who plays Tarak– likewise showed that audiences will see more of that in the follow up flick.

“Part 2 is really action-driven and war-driven,” Nair stated. “There are some actually heavy backstories that validate and provide light to how each character got to the location where you fulfilled them in Part 1. We enter some heavy psychological things that strikes home, and check out some dark and remarkable things within this setting. It’s not something I anticipated, however that’s why it’s a science fiction and not simply a sci-fi motion picture.”

Rebel Moon Part 2

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