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Jodie Turner-Smith Breaks Silence On Joshua Jackson Divorce Months After He’s Spotted With Lupita Nyong’o

Jodie Turner-Smith is breaking her silence practically 5 months after applying for divorce from Joshua Jackson. As The Shade Room formerly reported, Turner-Smith made the filing on October 2, 2023.

Not long after, Jackson was identified with fellow star Lupita Nyong’o on several events.

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According to E! News, Turner-Smith broke her silence on the matter while speaking to U.K. publication The Times for an interview released on Sunday, February 25.

“Sometimes things we truly wish to work simply do not wind up working,” the 37-year-old described. “And that’s okay. The most crucial thing is that you select what’s healthiest for you and your household and certainly your kids.”

From there, Turner-Smith went on to discuss remaining real and preventing “undetectable scars.”

“There are numerous various minutes in our life where we take a look at ourselves and state, ‘Who am I and am I being real to that?’ If the response is no, then you need to make a relocation since I think that there show up scars from remaining in locations that are bad for us,” she continued. “And they do not simply impact us, they impact everyone around us.”

The 37-year-old then quickly reviewed her and Jackson’s four-year marital relationship before sharing her ideas on what lies ahead.

“I do not believe it’s a failure. We certainly had such a lovely minute together,” she stated. “And now it’s time for a brand-new minute for both people. And how amazing! The bravest thing on the planet is to acknowledge when something’s not working and to make a relocation, and I constantly wish to set that sort of example for my child.”

Before concluding on the matter, she shared one “huge takeaway.”

“The huge takeaway is that this has to do with simply as much love and pleasure as it has actually constantly been,” Turner-Smith described. “This is just about taking an advance into a much better life for everyone included.”

More Details On The Actor’s Divorce Filing

As The Shade Room formerly reported, Turner-Smith made her October 2023 divorce filing in a Los Angeles Court. At the time, it was supposedly asserted that she and Jackson’s separation date was September 13, 2023.

Furthermore, the set share a young child called Juno, and it was reported that Turner-Smith asked for joint physical and legal custody of the kid.

According to PEOPLE, Turner-Smith and Jackson appeared to have a whirlwind love. The outlet reports they satisfied in 2018 and covertly wed in 2019, weeks before Turner-Smith debuted an infant bump.

As The Shade Room formerly reported, a couple of years earlier, the star opened about the love with the outlet about the occasions.

“It resembled, I fell in love right before I began this film that would essentially alter my life,

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