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“Joe Bonamassa texted me and stated, ‘I understand you enjoy that black Les Paul. It’s at Carter Vintage today. Call them ASAP!'”: Kirk Hammett states he just got his ultra-rare Factory Black ’59 Les Paul thanks to the assistance of his collector pal

Kirk Hammett is popular for his love of classic Gibsons– with his collection consisting of, naturally, the renowned Greeny, not to discuss his sensational 1960 ‘Burst Sunny– however back in March, he got among the rarest LPs out there: a Factory Black 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Now, in a brand-new interview with Overall GuitarHammett exposes that it took him more than a years to obtain the instrument– which he owes his ultimate success to his buddy (and popular vintage guitar specialist) Joe Bonamassa.

Hammett states he had more than a couple of ups and downs in his mission to include the ultra-rare Black LP to his haul– and describes one especially bruising encounter some years back.

“I attempted to get it when and got swindled,” Hammett informs TG“I attempted to cut a deal where I was going to trade 30 guitars for that guitar however wound up getting 30 guitars taken!”

The Metallica guy does not elaborate on the information of the theft, however we envision that’s an uncomfortable memory to review. He states his perseverance ultimately paid off.

“I kept my eye on it for a long period of time,” states Hammett.”[Then] about a year-and-a-half earlier, Joe Bonamassa texted me and stated, ‘I understand you like that black Les Paul. It’s at Carter Vintage today. Call them ASAP!’

“I called them up that early morning and after that my 2nd call was to Joe. ‘Joe, thank you a lot for notifying me, and, and on top of that, not purchasing it!'”

Hammett likewise exposes he has actually given that called the guitar. “I’m most likely going to be utilizing it in the studio best along with Greeny as Greeny’s foil,” states the guitar player. “I call it Ella. Ella is going to be the yin to Greeny’s yang.”

Tonally, Hammett reckons Ella is significantly less aggressive than Greeny in character, however states the noise is practically prettier. “For single lines, single-note things and leads, oh man, it’s so great,” excites Hammett. “It sings. It is so well balanced. It is a genuine blues, jazz, rock guitar.”

Even marking down the story of Ella, Hammett and Bonamassa’s courses still appear rather linked, by both their relationship and their dependency to classic Gibsons.

Bonamassa just recently talked about how he ‘d weighed-up purchasing Greeny back in 2013, concluding it later on “discovered its ideal home” with the Metallica guitar player.

For Hammett’s complete interview, along with a comprehensive evaluation of 2023’s most popular equipment, riffs, solos and albums– including discussions with the similarity Nuno Bettencourt, Wolfgang Van Halen, Yvette Young and more– get problem 379 of Overall Guitar at Magazines Direct.

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