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Kristen Stewart ‘Would’ve Broken Up With’ Edward Cullen ‘Immediately’ in ‘Twilight’: ‘You Got ta Let a Girl Make Her Own Choices’

If Kristen Stewart herself was the lead character of the “Twilight” motion pictures, then she most likely would not have actually stuck with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) for too long. Appearing on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast (through Entertainment Weekly) while on her “Love Lies Bleeding” press trip, Stewart stated she would’ve called it off with Edward practically right away as soon as he began not letting her make her own options.

“Let’s speak about Bella for a 2nd,” podcast host Amanda Hirsch stated to Stewart throughout the episode. “Do we not like her in retrospection?”

“Do wenotlike her?,” Stewart responded with a little bit of surprise. “Whoa. Hey, you much better beware. I do not understand if you can inform who you’re speaking to today.”

Hirsch argued that in retrospection Bella was “a little desperate” to be with Edward, eventually deciding to alter her life and “go through hell” to end up being a vampire. Stewart supplied a counterclaim by stating, “Yeah, however, he was attempting to sort of control whether she chose for herself. I would’ve broken up with him instantly.”

Stewart referenced Edward at first hesitating to let Bella join him as a vampire.

“I imply if I resembled, ‘Hey, I wish to attempt that,’ and he resembled, ‘No, this is simply for me,’ I would resemble, ‘Well,thisis likewise simply for me. My entire life. Without you,'” Stewart stated.

When asked if Edward was “screwed up,” Stewart addressed: “Yeah. I get the sort of defense thing, however you got ta let a woman make her own options.”

Stewart has actually spoken a lot about “Twilight” throughout her press trip for “Love Lies Bleeding.” She played Bella Swan in 5 “Twilight” motion pictures that earned a combined $3.3 billion around the world. Throughout an interview with Rolling Stone, Stewart kept in mind capturing flak from critics for her efficiency due to her moody screen acting. She worried that brooding kept her analysis of Bella real to the book series. Some officers desired Bella to be perkier and bright-eyed, however Stewart simply didn’t concur.

“The studio was attempting to make a motion picture for kids,” Stewart stated. “They didn’t desire what really was the book. When the fuck are [Bella and Edward] smiling, ever?”

Stewart opened toRangein January about how she’s concerned see a great deal of queer undertones in the “Twilight” motion pictures.

“I can just see it now,” Stewart stated. “I do not believe it always began that method, however I likewise believe that the truth that I existed at all, it was percolating. It’s such a gay film. I imply, Jesus Christ, Taylor [Lautner] and Rob and me, and it’s so concealed and not OK. I indicate, a Mormon female composed this book. It’s everything about injustice, about desiring what’s going to damage you. That’s a really Gothic, gay disposition that I like.”

“Love Lies Bleeding” is playing in theaters from A24.

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