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Labradoodle With Special ‘Happy Dance’ After Eating Wins Pet of the Week

For our last Newsweek Family pet of the Week line-up of 2023, we’ve got a joyful and enjoyable video of a mini puppy who enjoys to dance.

This year we’ve seen lots of readers’ fur children included on Newsweek‘s Pet of the Week. From Zeus the canine who whispers like a human to an adrenaline-junkie ferret and a pet using a traffic cone on his head.

If you wish to see your furry pal in a 2024 Animal of the Week line-up, keep in mind to follow the guidelines at the end of this story to send your charge.


Bloom, who deals with owner Lisa Alopogianis in Arizona, and is today’s Newsweek Pet of the Week. Lisa Alopogianis/Getty Images

Our Animal of the Week is Blossom, a mini Labradoodle who does a great pleased dance when she’s awaiting her supper.

Residing in Gilbert, Arizona, with owner Lisa Alopogianis, Blossom will be 3 years of ages in April.

“She is pure happiness,” Alopogianis informed Newsweek“She likes individuals and among our preferred things to do together is remain in nature and take it all in.”

Bloom’s owner stated she is among the happiest pet dogs she has actually ever satisfied, and a satisfaction to be with. “My sis believes [Blossom] is part human,” she chuckled.

In a charming video shown NewsweekBlossom displayed her relocations with a “delighted dance” that her owner states is a regular part of their day.

“She does her delighted dance often,” she stated. “Usually after supper or a delicious puppy cup reward.”


Photos of Dachshund young puppy Schnitzie who belongs to today’s Pet of the Week line-up. Diane Cressy

Our very first finalist today is Schnitzie, a Dachshund young puppy that is practically 5 months old.

Schnitzie resides in California with owner Diane Cressy and 3 other animals, consisting of another canine and 2 felines.

“He is incredibly clever and independent, even for a Doxie,” Cessy informed Newsweek

“I got Schnitzie in September, and look out,” she stated. “He is the kind of Dachshund that does not wish to be held or snuggled; he wishes to hunt and raise hell with the felines and chickens.”

The cute hell-raising dachshund is frequently discovered socializing with the other animals, and his owner discussed simply how “wise and quite” the young puppy is.

Chihuahua Kira Lucia who is enjoyed by her owner for her “distinct” looks and character. Debbie Purvis

Next up is Kira Lucia, a Chihuahua who copes with owner Debbie Purvis in Florida.

Called after a character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Lucia for “light,” the 6-month-old pup weighs simply 9 pounds.

“She has a really square confront with an underbite.

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