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Langley Celebrates Black History Month: Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes is a DEIA (variety, equity, addition, and ease of access) job expert with NASA’s Langley Research. His Langley profession has actually covered 16 years, beginning in the design store dealing with wind tunnel designs and lunar rover jobs. From there Hayes transferred to the Electronic Systems Branch and added to the SAGE III objective for the International Space Station. Hayes likewise dealt with NASA’s X-59 peaceful supersonic research study airplane before entering his existing function. As DEIA job expert, Hayes supports the center in determining spaces and developing a culture, environment, systems, and procedures where everybody has reasonable chances to grow.

Who or what motivated you to select your profession and why?

That’s a twofold response. On one end, I was simply a curious kid and had this sensation and belief that the world deserved checking out. I wished to be a marine biologist. I wished to be an astronaut. I wished to study plants and rocks. Whatever was extremely interesting to me, so NASA suited that pail of expedition and interest. It wasn’t particularly NASA, however it was expedition.

The other end is growing up as a kid where we didn’t have a lot of monetary alternatives. NASA had an Apprentice Program. The Apprentice Program in fact offered me a chance to come out of high school, have a profession trajectory, get some on-the-job experience, and get some education under my belt. A guy who currently worked here connected to my mommy and stated, “Hey, I understand you have a kid coming out of high school. What’s he doing?” and shared that NASA was resuming its Apprentice Program. He motivated me to use. That discussion is how I wound up here. It aligned me to where I in fact wished to be, due to the fact that I simply wished to see what the world and deep space was, regardless.

What do you discover most satisfying about dealing with NASA?

The direct exposure to originalities and capability to check out! Every day there’s a factor to be delighted and passionate about the work you’re doing, individuals you’re doing it with and where you’re doing it at. There is cutting edge innovation, world-renowned idea leaders and the jobs that are checking out the history of deep space. NASA will keep you on your toes, that’s for sure!

Beyond that, 2 huge things: individuals, which I currently discussed. My profession would not be what it lacked the relationships that I’ve constructed throughout the journey. Individuals who have actually simply wondered about me, who’ve asked me concerns, who’ve exposed me to various locations, who’ve brought up a chair to tables that I had no organization being at so I might listen and discover and welcomed me to locations, exposed me to various centers, to various individuals.

In addition, “the meatball.” The meatball is an inevitable logo design that no matter where you are, influences hope. The capability to have that and back up that and bring that is constantly interesting.

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