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Last Epoch Updates– Hotfixes and Patch Notes

February 25, 2024|Tags: Features|Author David Hollingsworth

The most recent Last Epoch Updates are here and upgraded daily.

The most recent round of repairs for Last Epoch is out and consists of numerous significant repairs for a few of the most important concerns. We’ll upgrade all the most recent info daily, be that hotfixes or spots.

This short article is upgraded daily:

Last Epoch Updates Hotfixes 25th February

  • Repair for the celebration play LE-61 problems
  • Repair for stuck at the character choose screen

24th February

  • New facilities to deal with increased traffic. This will lead to some services ending up being briefly not available (need to now be sok)

Bug Fixes

  • Included failsafe when avoiding speaking with Keeper Balthas, the mission does not operate in the next location
  • Included failsafe for if you leave after the Drake occasion however before talking to the Keeper Guard.
  • Repaired a bug where Gathering Storm’s Rending Vortex did not impact Storm Bolt
  • Repaired a bug where Healing Hands Skyfall was not operating in online
  • Repaired additional idols and set pieces from CoF rank rewards not being tagged as CoF products
  • Repaired bug where no matter what the gamer has actually geared up in their weapon slot, the text in the “my stall” area of the bazaar constantly checks out as “equipped two-handed sword” despite what the gamer really has actually geared up.
  • Repaired a bug where Flurry was intending upwards if you were standing very near to the opponent
  • Repaired a bug where capabilities cast indirectly by Surge’s ability tree did not need favorable mana to activate
  • Repaired bug when going back to character choose, the echo packing UI would break and remain broken for the rest of the session
  • Repaired bug where the monolith shift VFX/SFX was played when going into the video game offline.
  • Repaired a bug where Avian Arsenal did not work when Falconer’s Mark was taken in by a spell, bow, or tossing capability
  • Eliminated gate that was avoiding motion from The Fractured Drain to The Barren Aqueduct
  • Repaired bug where Glacial Path Portal was missing out on
  • Repaired timing of Drake series where voice lines were playing over top of each other
  • Repaired a problem where the gamer might see the Drake design appear in a non-active state prior to the series begins
  • Repaired bug where “sure you have concerns” line from Balthus would not play prior to the bridge on the gamers’ very first play through the scene
  • Texture Fixes:
    • Black Wolf
    • Scalebane Leader
    • Soul Warden Sarcophagus closing
    • Haruspex Orian Model
    • Temple Guardian
    • Temple Guardian Mace
    • Bug Textures
    • Soul Bastion Icon
    • Torment Wheel Layer Correction
    • Uma NPC
    • Opponent Texture changes
    • Guard T15 armor set
  • Repaired bug were Bow product Prophecies were leading to no products dropping
  • Repaired a problem where there were no predictions when very first engaging with telescope
  • Repaired a bug where Artem can stop working some part of the mission return interaction procedure and drop his product while not finishing the mission.

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