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Leading Robotics Stories of 2023

2023 was the very best year ever for robotics. I state this every year, however every year it’s real, since the robotics field appears to be constantly poised on the edge of altering definitely whatever. Is 2024 going to be even much better? Will it be the year where humanoids, or AI, or something else makes our lives fantastic? Possibly! Who understands! Either method, it’ll be amazing, and we’ll be here as it occurs.

As we anticipate 2024, here’s an appearance back at a few of our most popular stories of 2023. I hope you delighted in reading them as much as I delighted in composing them!

Roombas at the End of the World

My preferred story to report and compose in 2023 was this tale of the unusual presence of the Roombas that live and operate at the Amundsen– Scott South Pole Station. A single photo that I identified while delicately checking out the blog site of a South Pole facilities engineer took me down an insane bunny hole of Antarctic hijinks, where a little number of human beings counted on some robotic vacuums to assist keep themselves sane in the most separated put on Earth.

This Robot Could Be the Key to Empowering People With Disabilities

This story about Henry and Jane Evans, Willow Garage, and Hello Robot perfectly looped something like a years and a half of my history as a robotics reporter. I was familiar with the folks at Willow early on in my profession, and saw the PR2 doing some remarkable work, consisting of with Henry and Jane. The PR2 was never ever going to be an useful robotic for anybody, and it took the skill and enthusiasm of Hello Robot to develop the hardware and software application to make PR2’s guarantees into something real-world helpful.

What Flight 50 Means for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is presently eagerly anticipating its 70th flight, which is impressive for an innovation demonstration that was just actually anticipated to fly 5 times. Probably, this little helicopter is among the most severe self-governing systems that human beings have actually ever constructed. I’ve composed a lot about Ginny over the last couple of years and spoke to a number of various members of her group. Flight 50 was an unique turning point, and in this interview, Ingenuity group lead Teddy Tzanetos talks about why.

It’s Totally Fine for Humanoid Robots to Fall Down

We’re going to be seeing a lot more robotics walking over the next year, which likewise indicates we’re going to be seeing a lot more robotics stopping working to walk in one method or another. Videos of robotics falling tend to go bananas on social networks, however the majority of individuals who see them will not have any concept about the underlying context. In this post, 2 of the business with the most experience structure humanoids (Boston Dynamics and Agility Robotics) discuss why robotics dropping is really not a huge offer at all.

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