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Look at Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout-Themed “Hail, Caesar” Deck

Fallout: New Vegas makes a reappearance in an unanticipated type.


Feb 22, 2024 1:05 am


Feb 22, 2024 1:00 am

We might not be getting a Fallout: New Vegas 2 whenever quickly, however Obsidian fans still have factor to rejoice! Magic: The Gathering’s next computer game crossover will be a set of 4 Fallout-themed preconstructed decks for its most popular format, Commander– and today we’ve got the complete expose of the “Hail, Caesar” deck.

Led by New Vegas’ enormous Caesar himself (with the dice-rolling Mr. House as an altnerate Commander choice), this Red-White-Black deck has plenty of animal compromising, token making, and a thematically fitting quantity of Quest counters throughout its famous characters. You can see the names and pictures of all 100 cards in the deck listed below, in addition to some images of what’s in package itself and more details about it and the other Fallout decks even more down!

Comparable to its Warhammer 40,000 crossover, the 4 Fallout precons are prepared to have fun with right out of package, with brand name brand-new cards distinct to this release and existing cards reprinted with brand-new Fallout-themed art. While the cards inside can be chosen apart and utilized in other decks too, these 4 are created as a little a set for the four-player Commander format so that any Fallout fans wanting to merely utilize Magic’s video game system in their preferred computer game world can do so.

Caesar’s deck is integrated in part around what’s frequently called an “aristocrats” style, making great deals of little animals and after that compromising them for other advantageous results. A sub-theme of the deck is likewise loosely connected around Quest counters, which have actually been utilized in Magic a percentage in the past, however handle a brand-new significance when themed after an RPG filled with actual missions. Those typically appear on renowned famous animals in the deck, and this crossover has actually pulled from every Fallout video game extending back to the really first for motivation.

A Look Inside Magic: The Gathering’s “Hail, Caesar” Fallout Deck

Beyond Caesar himself, the other 3 deck choices consist of a Rad-themed one constructed around the Mothman, a deck that utilizes Magic’s Energy mechanic together with a lot of artifact cards (consisting of Liberty Prime), and a deck led by the ever-faithful buddy Dogmeat, who fittingly collects scrap for you.

Each of those decks even includes 2 special Bobblehead artifacts, all of which have various results that get more effective the more Bobbleheads you have out – for instance, the Luck Bobblehead in “Hail, Caesar” lets you roll dice to make mana-generating Treasure, however will even trigger you to win the video game outright if you handle to get sufficient Bobbleheads (either by copying them in innovative methods or mashing the Fallout cards together into a custom-made deck) and after that roll ridiculously exactly.

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