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Marketing Briefing: How Fanta is updating its brand name to attract Gen Z

By Kristina Monllos – February 20, 2024 – 8 minutes checked out –

Ivy Liu

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Significant online marketers are investing more time on brand name revitalizes– as Digiday formerly reported, the current wave of brand name structure ask for propositions makes that clear. Throughout 2023, Fanta was among those online marketers as the soda brand name looked for to update its appearance along with its item to attract more youthful customers, especially Gen Z.

The brand name refresh is simply one element of how Coca-Cola-owned Fanta is intending to interest Gen Z today, according to Dane Callis, brand name director at Fanta North America, who described that with this effort Fanta wished to be more constant throughout global markets offered customers’ awareness of worldwide distinctions with brand names now. Callis likewise in-depth Fanta’s method to real-time marketing and TikTok patterns, how the brand name is handling Google’s third-party cookie devaluation and why online marketers require to get comfy with less control of their brand names.

This Q&A has actually been gently modified and condensed for clearness.

Why rebrand? What does that provide for Fanta?

The rebranding became part of a total technique to truly update the brand name and make it more appropriate for today’s customers, for Gen Z, teenagers. That handled the logo design, the colors and how it appears however it likewise handled the item that we in fact offer. [We wanted to] ensure we were providing the best-tasting item customers can really have. It was the marketing, updating the marketing so that Fanta’s position was for 2023 and beyond, not for the ’90s and early ’00s. That implies a much bigger push into social networks, digital experiences, to bring the visual appeals of Fanta to life in more methods than simply consuming the item.

What pointed to the requirement for a rebrand now?

Part of it was for distinction, making certain we’re appearing in a different way than our rivals and not simply within the soda area however beyond that, due to the fact that everybody is providing various tastes. The truth is that customers understand that Fanta is this enormous, worldwide brand name, with a worldwide existence and international tastes. If a teen in the U.S. was talking with a buddy in Japan that they video game with, they would see 2 various Fantas. They would see a particular variation in one market and a particular one here. The truth is they desire that here too so part of our efforts [went beyond] separating in the market however likewise conversion to have one worldwide brand name identity that all of our customers might take part in, so it was likewise a merging effort in between ourselves and other markets.

Why does brand name consistency worldwide matter more now?

Customers have an international awareness now that they did not have,

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