Sunday, June 16

Massive carcass was scavenged by ancient people and sabre-toothed felines


A southern massive skeleton discovered in Spain bears cut marks from stone tools and bite marks from predator teeth, recommending that both hominins and felids delighted in its meat

By Jeanne Timmons

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Illustration of ancient human beings scavenging a massive carcass

Jesús Gamarra

A massive that passed away about 1.2 million years ago ended up being a meal for both ancient human beings and sabre-toothed felines, an analysis of its bones has actually exposed.

Southern mammoths (Mammuthus meridionaliswere bigger than today’s elephants and strolled Eurasia throughout the Pleistocene.

The skeleton is among just a handful throughout the world with proof of cut marks that old. It was excavated about 20 years earlier from a fossil-rich …

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