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MEXC Exchange Addresses Concerns Regarding CEO’s Deleted X (Twitter) Account

The crypto exchange MEXC is attempting to clarify amidst insolvency reports and the removal of the “MEXC_CEO” X (Twitter) account.

Just recently, the MEXC exchange has actually been in the middle of debate, triggered by neighborhood members’ discovery that a person of the co-founders has actually erased their X account. The crypto exchange has more than 10 million users from 170+ nations.

Previous MEXC CEO John Chen Resigned in December 2022

Over the weekend, the neighborhood members found that the MEXC CEO had actually deactivated their X account. The discovery came as lots of users have actually been grumbling on social networks platforms about their funds being frozen by MEXC.

MEXC composed an explanation post on X mentioning that the person associated with the X account no longer has a connection with the crypto exchange. It composed:

“In the early phases of MEXC’s worldwide market advancement: MEXC platform did utilize the Twitter account MEXC_CEO for promo and preserving brand name image, engaging with users and job partners on Twitter.”

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According to the post, the initial CEO left the position in July 2022. Later on, in December 2022, they formally resigned from MEXC. The business states:

“The Twitter account MEXC_CEO was never ever formally confirmed by the MEXC platform, and due to its very little material and fans, MEXC did not make a particular statement (this is the basic factor for the extensive misconception triggered by the removal of this account).”

In its post, MEXC did not point out the name of the CEO. The neighborhood members had screenshots of the old posts of the business that suggested the MEXC_CEO account belonged to John Chen.

async” src=”” alt=”Screenshot of MEXC’s Old Post. Source: X (Twitter)”/> Screenshot of MEXC’s Old Post. Source: X(Twitter)

In the explanation post, MEXC confessed utilizing the MEXC_CEO X account. Before releasing that post, it responded to one of the neighborhood members, mentioning that “MEXC never ever has a main account. The recorded account is a phony account.”

BeInCrypto has actually connected to MEXC for remarks. It is yet to get a reply.

async” src=”” alt=”Previously, MEXC Claimed That The Deactivated Account Was a Fake Account. Source: X (Twitter)”/>< img decoding="async" src="" alt="Previously, MEXC Claimed That The Deactivated Account Was a Fake Account. Source: X (Twitter)"/ > Previously, MEXC Claimed That The Deactivated Account Was a Fake Account. Source: X (Twitter)

Chen’s LinkedIn account still reveals that he is a Global Partner and Chief Executive Officer at MEXC Global. He has actually not upgraded his LinkedIn profile to reveal that he left the business one year earlier.

Neighborhood members have actually questioned the business concerning info about its brand-new CEO.

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John Chen LinkedIn Profile. Source: LinkedIn

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