Friday, April 19

NFL main causes Ravens security after falling, tripping Lamar Jackson in the end zone vs. 49ers

Loren Elliott/ Getty Images

A prospective Super Bowl sneak peek is occurring in The Bay this Christmas night, as the San Francisco 49ers are hosting Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Lots of are anticipating a close affair in between the leading 2 groups from opposing conferences, however nobody might think how the very first points of the video game would be scored.

On Baltimore’s 2nd ownership, Jackson hung back and dealt with heavy pressure. He continued to hang back into his own end line, tried to turn his hips and alter instructions to the left, however was tripped by an authorities– who was captured off guard by Jackson’s switch and fell on his back.

Jackson had the ability to get the ball away after striking the zebra-colored speed bump, however was flagged for deliberate grounding. Given that the nasty happened in the end zone, the 49ers were granted 2 points. Take a look at what took place, here:

This was definitely not the method Jackson and Co. wished to begin this extremely expected Christmas face-off, which ended in a 33-19 win for the going to Ravens.

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