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NFL Week 16 playoff and removal circumstances

Week 16 of the 2023 NFL season is underway.

And it began with an important video game for playoff ramifications.

The Los Angeles Rams hosted the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football, in a match of 7-7 groups. The video game had substantial playoff ramifications for both groups, in addition to for some groups who were seeing the video game in addition to the rest people. With the Rams winning that video game, a couple of groups saw their fortunes alter over night.

When it comes to how that video game affects the playoff chase, in addition to the other playoff and removal situations in the weekend ahead, let’s dive in.

Since there is a lot to get to.

NFC Playoff-clinching situations

3 groups– the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles– have actually clinched currently. One group can join them this weekend.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are the only group that can clinch a playoff area today in the NFC. There are a couple of various methods they can clinch an area. With a win over the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit clinches the department, and therefore a playoff area.

They can still clinch an area– simply not the department– regardless of how they fare versus Minnesota. With a Seattle Seahawks loss or tie to the Tennessee Titans, the Lions remain in. They might likewise have actually gotten in if the Rams lost or connected with the Saints on Thursday night, however the Rams’ win gotten rid of that path.

First-round bye circumstance

San Francisco 49ers

It deserves discussing that the San Francisco 49ers can clinch home-field benefit throughout the playoffs this weekend. If the 49ers beat the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas night, they have an opportunity. They would require: The Philadelphia Eagles to lose to the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys to lose to the Miami Dolphins, AND the Detroit Lions to lose to the Minnesota Vikings.

If all 4 outcomes go their method, they will have the leading area clinched.

Removal circumstances

2 groups are dealing with playoff removal today in the NFC. In addition, the Vikings are knocked out of title contention in the North with a loss or a tie versus the Detroit Lions. When it comes to the groups simply dealing with removal, here are the 2.

Chicago Bears

The Bears can be removed from the playoffs today by means of a couple of various paths. The very first 6 start with a Chicago loss to Arizona. Must the Bears lose, they would be removed with:

  • A Seahawks win or connect versus the Titans and a Vikings win or connect versus the Lions, OR
  • A Seahawks win or connect and a Packers win or connect versus the Panthers, OR
  • A Seahawks win or connect and a Buccaneers win or connect versus the Jaguars, OR
  • A Buccaneers win or connect and a Vikings win or connect,

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