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Payday 3’s very first Operation Medic Bag spot consists of 300 repairs and an unready button

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Reacting to gamer feedback

Payday 3 got its very first brand-new functions this previous week as part of Operation Medic Bag, Starbreeze’s efforts to turn-around the fortunes of their bleeding-out bank burglary ’em up. The spot includes 300 repairs along with assistance for numerous Nvidia graphics innovation, UI enhancements, and more.

Update 1.1.1 includes assistance for Nvidida’s image scaling upscaler, DLAA, and DLSS Super Resolution. It likewise makes DirectX12 the default graphics API, although you can change back to DirectX 11 if required.

Other functions consist of the much-requested capability to ‘unready’ yourself in a multiplayer lobby, menus for altering controller dead zone settings, and video game settings such as lobby type and trouble being brought throughout video games.

It’s quite fundamental things, and there are staying recognized problems described in the 1.1.1 spot notes, however it’s the very first set of modifications which straight attend to feedback from Payday 3’s neighborhood. The repair list is substantial, too.

Last month, Starbreeze reported that sales of the break-in shooter were “considerably lower” than hoped.

“Our greatest focus and outright concern, both throughout and after the quarter, are the efforts required to guarantee that the video game measures up to expectations. We are working carefully with our co-publishing partner Plaion to recognize the modifications that we will carry out, in both the brief- and long-lasting, that include the most worth to the video gaming experience,” stated the business CEO in the upgrade. Starbreeze likewise pointed at “lots of examples” in the video games market of a video game with a rocky launch then turning things around.

I’m quite doubtful that Starbreeze can do what Hello Games did, state, primarily for all the factors Alice B laid out in her Payday 3 evaluation. I hope to be shown incorrect.

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