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Poppy Playtime is pertaining to PS4, PS5, and Switch– here’s when you can play it

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Image credit: Mob Entertainment

Poppy Playtime– the scary mascot video game that’s been frightening the bejesus out of us for the last number of years now– is lastly making the dive to consoles.

Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze– which was very first launched on PC back in 2021– is set to debut on PS4 and PS5 on 20th December, and on Switch on 25th December. Probably, due to the fact that there’s no much better time to launch a scary video game on a family-favourite console than Christmas Day.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Explained: Ending, Hidden Details, and Secrets – ADVANCED IN DEPTH ANALYSIS.

You can wishlist the PlayStation-flavoured variation now, or pre-order on Switch from 18th December.

“Chapter 1 brings gamers into the deserted Playtime Co. Factory as a previous staff member going back to discover what took place to the staff members who disappeared,” describes the group.

“With GrabPack in hand, check out the factory to fix puzzles, follow the hints to assist you get closer to the fact and defend your life as the toys terrorise you.”

Poppy Playtime will get its 3rd chapter later on this month, too.

Entitled Deep Sleep, it’s set to be the scariest and longest chapter of the video game up until now, taking gamers even more into the deserted toy factory of Playtime Co.

Designer Mob Entertainment assures brand-new characters, more minigames, and enhanced graphics in this instalment.

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