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Prepare your Icarus M: Guild War guild for the upcoming Guild War and win a share of $100,00 worth of VEL


The leading 5 guilds will make a special occasion title.

VALOFE has actually revealed an upcoming Guild War occasion for its MMORPG, Icarus M: Guild War. You can get ready for the occasion through January 9 by boosting your characters and prepping your equipment.

The brand-new Guild War will range from January 10 through January 30 and the leading 100 guilds on the Midellas/Elora and Parna server will get a part of a reward swimming pool of VEL worth 100,000 USD. Throughout the occasion, the Midellas and Elora servers will count as one server, so an overall of 200 guilds will win rewards.

Icarus M: Guild War is a blockchain-based mobile RPG established by WEMADE and released by VALOFE, in which you complete in unlimited fights. Based Upon Icarus M, the video game uses a Play and Earn system. Icarus M: Guild War includes massive in-air battle in which you can easily pass through the sky. Even More, Icarus M: Guild War lets you have a familiar who helps you in fight. You can tame and grow any beast you fulfill on the battleground to become your familiar.

Throughout the Guild War occasion, you’ll have a possibility to win your share of 240,000 VEL, Blue Tickets 100,000 for Roulette and 45,000 Random Boxes. Icarus M: Guild War will disperse benefits for the occasion from January 31 to February 13. Furthermore, the 5 guilds that carry out finest in case will make a special occasion title, which marks the very first time the video game is providing an occasion title.

The previous Guild War occasion included 6 activities, consisting of a Class Ranking Event and a Lucky Roulette Event. The brand-new Guild War is a particular occasion where you’ll take part in extreme fights and difficulties.

Icarus M: Guild War is offered on the App Store and Google Play. To maintain to date with all the video game’s most current news, follow Icarus M: Guild War on Facebook or Instagram or take a look at the video game’s main site.

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