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Provide an Arm, Share the Gift of Life

In celebration of Doctors’ Day, Jiahui Health signed up with forces with the Xuhui District Blood Management Office, Hongmei Subdistrict, and Shanghai Shenhua Football Club to arrange a blood contribution day at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. An overall of 158 people got involved, jointly contributing 36,400 ml of blood.

As a leader in international-standard treatment, Jiahui International Hospital each year serves over 500,000 Chinese and foreign clients. At peak times, approximately 37% of inpatients need blood transfusions.

Behind the success stories of treatments lies not just the know-how of the medical group however likewise the essential assistance from pertinent authorities and the selfless dedication of many voluntary blood donors.

Jiahui Health has actually hosted significant blood contribution activities for 6 successive years to assist bridge the space in blood supply. Mr. Lu exhibits this spirit, having actually contributed blood 30 times given that he was 18:

“Donating the present of love has actually ended up being a yearly routine. For me, conserving a life is the supreme benefit.”

Dr. LI Jun, Chairman of Surgery at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, revealed his commitment by ending up being the very first donor of the day.

“This marks my 3rd blood contribution. As cosmetic surgeons, every operation we carry out depends on blood products, and our involvement in blood contribution enhances our dedication to client care,” shared Doctor Li.

“Each person’s contribution can possibly conserve more lives, and I am honored to play my part.”

On this event, lots of physician enthusiastically took part in the blood contribution, honoring Doctors’ Day in this special way.

Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, a tactical partner of Jiahui Health, offered strong assistance to the blood contribution effort, rallying almost a hundred Shenhua fans to sign up with the cause.

“Jiahui’s blood contribution day embodies the continuous public well-being undertakings of Jiahui Health,” mentioned the representative for Shanghai Shenhua Football Club.

“As tactical partners, we are happy to back this effort, spreading out the spirit of blood contribution beyond the arena to lighten up lives worldwide.”

Effective blood donors on the day were rewarded with complimentary influenza vaccines at Jiahui, together with specifically created blood contribution card holders. Shenhua fans in addition got special themed presents.

“While blood contribution itself is an act of selflessness, as a health care organization, we aim to make sure the wellness of every donor, providing thorough health care,” shared Dr. John K. Hsiang, Chief Medical Officer of Jiahui Health and President of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital.

Given that its creation, Jiahui Health has actually stayed dedicated to its social obligations and has actually been providing caring care to its clients.

In regards to medical assistance, Jiahui International Hospital has actually acted as a designated medical center for the China International Import Expo for 6 successive years, and has actually supplied medical help to significant occasions such as the ATP Tennis Masters, the Longines Global Equestrian Championship,

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