Saturday, February 24

Radio bursts from area are displaying an unusual ‘unfortunate trombone’ result


Astronomers have actually found a set of 35 strange flashes of radio waves from area that appear to reveal an unusual phenomenon of reducing frequency that has actually never ever been seen before

By Leah Crane

The Allen Telescope Array

Seth Shostak/SETI Institute

Short, effective bursts of radio waves from area are getting complete stranger and complete stranger. Astronomers have actually identified 35 of these bursts from a single things with a pattern unlike any we have actually seen before.

Sofia Sheikh at the SETI Institute in California and her coworkers observed this item, a quick radio burst (FRB) called FRB 20220912A, throughout 541 hours of observation with the Allen Telescope Array in California. In each of the bursts from this FRB, they discovered a phenomenon called the “unfortunate trombone”…

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