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Remaking Ed: How Street Fighter 6’s New Character Represents Its Future

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Capcom has actually provided a brand-new take on Ed, a character that had an extremely combined reception in Street Fighter 5 however is preparing for an amazing future for Street Fighter 6.

By Brian Barnett
on March 1, 2024 at 3:58 PM PST

It’s been a while considering that Street Fighter V made Ed a playable character, and he’s altered a bit ever since. Still wreathed in Psycho power like Bison, he has actually lost weight a bit visually however his gameplay in Street Fighter 6 feels all at once more robust and more concentrated than his previous version. What outcomes is an extremely enjoyable, fluid, effective character that is simple enough to get, however with a lot of depth for those who really wish to explore his capacity.

Throughout Capcom Cup X, I took a seat for a play session with Ed and later on talked to SF6 Director Takayuki Nakayama and SF6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto to get more information about bringing him back, and the group’s motivations and objectives with him.

“For [me] personally, he’s a really crucial character,” Nakayama-san stated, “He’s type of the reason we have Modern controls … [and] World Tour … He has a really fascinating story, and among the main points [we] wished to achieve with SF6 is to generate the brand-new generation of Street Fighter characters; Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and Ed.”

Ed might have affected what SF6 ended up being, however he’s likewise a part of its future. “Ed, who appeared in Street Fighter V, has components of Boxer (Balrog) and Dictator (Bison) included in him,” Nakayama-san continued, “therefore he’s another brand-new character whose story is going to end up being increasingly more connected to the overarching story of Street Fighter 6.”

How has he established and what is Ed made of? Psycho power and punches. Great deals of punches. It’s a ‘Captain Crunch: Oops, All Punches’ scenario with Ed in SF6. While in SFV, he utilized both punches and kicks (putting him in ‘kickboxer’ area, among my preferred battling designs), he is now a pure fighter, without a single begin sight.

‘But Brian …’ you may be asking, ‘What about the 3 Kick buttons every character has?’ I’m delighted to report that pushing each Kick button offers you a various, Thomas Hearns-style ‘Flicker’ punch, which are rather quick, have lots of variety, and cover up, downward, and horizontal angles, respectively. This makes his basic gameplay feel more vibrant, and enables you to cover a range of techniques rapidly and quickly.

Nakayama-san stated he is extremely thrilled to be able to bring Ed to life the method he initially planned to, which he likes Ed’s anti-hero character, however among the important things he’s extremely happy with are the animations and motions in basic.

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