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Reverse-Isekai Light Novel ‘Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf’ to Receive an Anime


  • ‘Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf’ light books will influence an anime adjustment.
  • The story follows Kazuhiro, who can take a trip to a dream world in his dreams. He is accompanied to Japan by Marie, a fairy woman.

‘Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!’ is a light unique series that follows Kazuhiro’s amazing experiences. He is a boy who can take a trip to a dream world in his dreams. Together with him, Marie, a fairy lady, accompanies him to Japan.

This series completely mixes isekai and reverse isekai categories with a piece of life and action. It is well-known for its special story, funny material, character advancement, and world-building.

The light unique and manga adjustments have actually currently contributed to its appeal, and now an anime adjustment is set to join its ever-growing fan base.

Pastime Japan’s Comic Fire manga site exposed that ‘Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf’ light books will motivate an anime adjustment. The statement did not expose the format of the anime.

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Animation job in development!!
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Presently being serialized in Comic Fire
#Welcome to Japan, Elf”
Animation job is underway!

Please take a look at the most recent volume 9 Obi launched today!
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The current statement of an anime adjustment has actually stirred enjoyment amongst fans, although particular information about its format, cast, personnel, and release date stay a secret.

The series amassed attention through its web unique format on Shōsetsuka ni Narō before transitioning into printed light books released by Hobby Japan. The brilliant story likewise caused a manga adjustment by Yappen, serialized in Comic Fire publication, including visual depth to the captivating story.

The series has actually been popular by both readers and critics, with lots of applauding its distinct property, humor, character advancement, and world-building. Some have actually likewise valued the illustrations, translation, and composing design.

Fans of the series can anticipate an anime adjustment that will provide a fresh point of view on Kazuhiro’s journey as he checks out the limit in between dreams and truth with Ms. Elf in the stunning landscapes of Japan. Watch out for more updates on the series, as extra statements might be upcoming.

‘Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!’ is a Japanese light unique series composed by Makishima Suzuki and highlighted by Yappen. It started serialization online in 2017 on the user-generated unique publishing site Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was gotten by Hobby Japan, who released the very first light unique volume in August 2018 under their HJ Novels imprint.

A manga adjustment with art by Shimo Aono has actually been serialized online through Hobby Japan’s Comic Fire site considering that December 2018. Both the light unique and manga have actually been accredited in North America by J-Novel Club. An anime adjustment has actually been revealed.

The story follows Kazuhiro Kitase, whose enthusiasm for sleeping takes him on fascinating dream experiences given that youth.

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