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Robert Kiyosaki: CBDCs to ‘spy on us’– Buy Bitcoin, silver rather


Published: February 26, 2024

In the middle of the banking crisis and the strategies of the U.S. to release its own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” required to X (previously Twitter) to slam the idea of CBDCs.

On the 25th of February, Kiyosaki mentioned,

“Please take care. Banking crisis aggravates. Hazard of war grows. Reserve banks will promote CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, to SPY on us.”

As a reaction to this simmering problem, he proposed,

“I am purchasing more Bitcoin and silver coins. Silver most significant deal. I will utilize silver as cash, not United States phony dollars.”

Kiyosaki’s method for a Bitcoin market crash

On the 24th of February, when questioned about his technique for browsing a Bitcoin [BTC] market crash, Robert reacted,

“I would enjoy and I would purchase more, when the crashing stops.”

He included,

“All market crashes are, are possessions going on, and “sale” is my preferred four-letter word.”

Donald Trump shares comparable views

In January 2024, Donald Trump likewise emphatically turned down the proposition for the CBDCs, revealing apprehensions concerning its ramifications for individual liberties.

He kept in mind,

“As your president, I will never ever permit the production of a Central Bank Digital Currency.”

All this time, Robert has actually favored Bitcoin, however his criticism is typically directed towards the Federal Reserve, as evidenced by his tweet, which specified,

“Don’t Fight the Fed? I state ‘* the Fed.’ Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin.”

Kiyosaki’s bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s future

It is obvious that Kiyosaki has actually been really positive about Bitcoin’s future cost trajectory, and his belief in its long-lasting financial investment capacity has actually stayed strong throughout the years.

Previously in February, Kiyosaki forecasted Bitcoin would strike $100,000 by June 2024, drawing connections with nationwide financial obligation and U.S. bond need.

Last month, he revealed that he owned 66 Bitcoin. He anticipated their worth to skyrocket greatly, bearing in mind the SEC-approved ETFs.

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