Sunday, February 25

RPG Cast– Episode 651: “I’m Sub-Entitled”

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  1. I believe I’ve addressed this concern previously, so I’ll offer the brief variation. Pokémon Go: barked shins.

    Aside from that, I’ve absolutely thumb blisters from several video games. Tough to select any out for being especially bad, however I believe the last one was a current very first play of FFVI, where Sabin’s Street Fighter moves begun to make my left thumb raw. Je ne regrette rien.

  2. Well, the only time a video game ever hurt me was when I played DDR at the game and slipped and bump my face at the display screen. Constantly keep in mind to get the handlebars, kid!

    Can I talk about the time individuals ruin their things due to the fact that of video games? Like, has anybody seen face to face a Wii Mote slipping out of somebody’s hands and struck the television? I saw it two times.

  3. The most considerable injury I’ve had due to the fact that of computer game was nasty blisters brought on by playing any 2D combating video game on the Dreamcast. That D-pad was raised simply enough to make my typical approach of “fluke my method into quarter-circle movements” uncomfortable.

  4. Yep, I do remember this concern turning up previously. I’ll duplicate that I got a blister on my palm from playing the very first Mario Party and I banged my head versus a glass wall playing Pokemon Go. My right-hand man likewise harmed from playing Theatrhytm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call enthusiastically.

  5. QOTW: When I was brand-new to VR and not totally accustomed to it, I was playing Boneworks and got shocked by “VR illness” actually set, and as I was attempting to carefully plunge myself down to prevent crashing down, with the Valve Index still on my face, the side of my head discovered precisely where the corner is my desk was.

    There’s the video game that made me question whether I was one of those discomfort fetishists or not, Kids Icarus: Uprising. The video game I wish a Switch HD remaster of every night. Each time I played it I came away with awful discomforts in my hands (even with utilizing the stand), however I took pleasure in the video game a lot that when my hands stopped injuring it was right back to the 3DS.

  6. I do not believe i’ve hurt myself playing a video game besides possibly hand cramps however I have a concern for the cast, I was questioning what your preferred podcasts are? I’m aiming to begin a couple of brand-new podcast given that i’ve disliked a couple of just recently.

    I’m presently just listening to rpgcast, backtrack and nextlander( previous gaint bomb guys)

  7. I utilized to get muscle cramps in my legs back when I utilized to play great deals of DDR

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