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Russian Television Avoids Mention of Ukraine War Anniversary in the middle of ‘Failures’

Russian state television most likely prevented discussing the two-year anniversary of Russia’s major intrusion of Ukraine in the middle of the nation’s “failures” to accomplish its specified tactical objectives in the dispute and comprehensive troop losses, a U.S.-based think tank has actually stated.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) made the evaluation in its newest analysis of the dispute in Ukraine on Sunday, after Agentstvo, a Russian investigative website, highlighted that the anniversary of the war, which fell on February 24, was hardly pointed out on state tv.

2 years on, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has actually caused ravaging damage on both Kyiv and Moscow. The Russian leader had actually hoped that what he calls his “unique military operation” in Ukraine would rapidly result in the collapse of Kyiv’s Western-leaning federal government. Numerous countless soldiers are approximated to have actually been eliminated in the dispute on both sides.

“Russian authorities and state-run and state-affiliated television channels most likely avoided discussing the two-year anniversary of the start of Russia’s full-blown intrusion to prevent accentuating Russia’s failures to attain its mentioned tactical objectives in Ukraine and its more instant objectives of taking all of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, while likewise suffering high workers losses,” the ISW stated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at an event at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow on February 23, 2024. Russian investigative website Agentstvo has actually highlighted that the … Contributor/Getty Images

The think tank stated a current viewpoint survey, performed by independent Russian opposition ballot company Chronicles in between January 23 and 29, recommends that “Russian beliefs about the war in Ukraine have actually mainly stayed the same in current months which a lot of Russians are mostly apathetic to the dispute, though many do not support a 2nd wave of mobilization.”

Reference of the war anniversary was for that reason most likely mainly prevented by state television and Kremlin authorities “in an effort to preserve public passiveness towards the war that, in part, enables Russian authorities to continue the war without considerable public reaction,” the ISW stated.

“ISW continues to examine that Putin is most likely mindful that a 2nd mobilization wave would be extensively out of favor and is worried that such a procedure would produce prevalent discontent,” the think tank’s upgrade concluded, including, nevertheless, that Putin might alter his technique to the subject after his re-election in the governmental election in March.

Putin might “figure out that Russian force generation requirements surpass the dangers of prevalent domestic discontent,” the ISW stated.

Newsweek has actually called Russia’s foreign ministry for remark by e-mail.

On the eve of the two-year anniversary of the Ukraine war, Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, promised that Washington will continue to back the Ukrainian individuals in “protecting their homeland.”

“Putin’s war threatens not just Ukraine, however likewise the security of the United States, our NATO Allies, and the complimentary and open worldwide order we depend upon,” he stated in a declaration.

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