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Saitama’s Love Interest from One Punch Man Discussed


  • Tatsumaki is seen to have actually established sensations for Saitama in the Psychic Sisters Arc of the Manga.
  • After being humbled by Saitama’s large strength she appreciates Saitama as much as her Idol Blast and even listens to his viewpoint.
  • On the other hand, Saitama hasn’t established sensations for her yet however there’s a twinkle of faith.
  • He wasn’t tired tough Tatsumaki and would really take pleasure in remaining in a relationship with her.
  • Saitama and Tatsumaki may wind up together in the future if they establish a much deeper bond.

Saitama has ungodly powers and unrivaled humor without even attempting, making him popular in the world of anime and fandoms.

He has actually got whatever he requires and has actually even broken his “limiter”, maybe it’s time for him to have an enthusiast.

A ship has actually been teased a little in the OPM manga and in this post, we are going to check out it in information.

1. Will Tatsumaki and Saitama wind up together? Does Tatsumaki love Saitama?

Tatsumaki and Saitama may wind up together in the future, as it appears that Tatsumaki is establishing sensations for him, as seen in the Psychic Sisters Arc in the manga.

Currently, Tatsumaki does not “like” Saitama however she sure has some sensations and a great deal of regard for him, considered that she listened to his viewpoint of letting Fubuki’s ex-group accompany her.

2. Does Tatsumaki like Saitama?

Tatsumaki appears to have actually established sensations for Saitama as seen in the “Psychic Sisters Arc” of the Manga. She appreciates him and even listens to his viewpoints, which horrified everybody.

Here are some circumstances:

In chapter 178 of the Manga, Saitama actions in to stop Tatsumaki from penalizing Fubuki’s “Blizzard Group” as she was damaging the area with her psychic capabilities.

Saitama holds her hand attempting to stop her from doing anymore damage, on the other hand, Tatsumaki releases her powers on him and he endures it, which surprises both of the psychic sis.

Tatsumaki still does not listen to him and concerns his relationship with Fubuki, when he informs her he is simply an associate.

She gets fired up and informs him this:

Tatsumaki Testing Saitama|Source: Viz Media

She goes on wreaking more havoc, so Saitama turn to hugging her to take her far from the inhabited location.

Her facial expressions are amusing as it’s most likely been a very long time given that somebody had the guts to get too near her.

Saitama hugging Tatsumaki|Source: Viz Media

What takes place next is charming, as in chapter 181 when Saitama recommends returning to the Hero Association.

Tatsumaki stands near him anticipating him to hug her once again like last time.

Saitama hugging Tatsumaki|Source: Viz Media

Saitama being the airhead he is,

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