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Saw Blade Buyer’s Guide: Top Brands And Affordable Picks

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By Russ Good/Dec. 24, 2023 7:30 am EST

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A saw blade is an odd tool because it’s most importantly crucial to some, however hardly seen by others. There are folks who still have the blade that included their miter saw from 1985, while others will not even leave the shop without 4 unique blades for various tasks. And while circular saw, miter saw, and table saw blades are mainly (however not constantly) interchangeable, enthusiasts and pros alike frequently make the effort to acquire numerous blades for each particular tool, preparing them for any upcoming jobs.

Saw blades are typically mass-produced from a sheet of metal, with suggestions abided by the teeth later. Distinctions in the angle, density, number, positioning, and structure of those teeth and suggestions can make the blade much better for particular cuts or products. And while one can quickly acquire any variety of “all-purpose” blades for incredibly low costs at their neighboring big-box hardware shop, major woodworkers have their favorites. SlashGear has actually evaluated the viewpoints of numerous sources, from YouTubers to regional artisans, to bring you this list of the leading saw blade brand names, and some inexpensive choices from each of those toolmakers.

While costs differ extremely from brand name to brand name, making “budget-friendly” more of a relative term, it’s essential to keep in mind that numerous of our higher-priced alternatives can be honed after usage, making the blade a financial investment instead of a non reusable tool.

CMT Orange Tools

Italian toolmaker CMT Orange Tools has actually stayed in business given that the 1960s, and it focuses on woodworking tools like router bits and saw blades, with line of product for commercial or business usage. This is a business that markets itself as a maker of top quality tools, utilizing top-quality German steel for blade bodies that are cut with CNC device devices– blades and even arbor holes are laser-cut instead of punched out, guaranteeing ideal balance and fit. Even CMT’s trademarked orange color isn’t simply a marketing trick, however a non-stick covering safeguarding the tools from residue accumulation and burning.

Among the business’s most popular blades on Amazon is the ITK Plus Combination blade, which includes laser-cut heat growth slots and a thinner kerf to minimize squandered product. At around $50, the CMT blade hovers right around the middle of the pack as far as rate is worried, however its building and finishing are made to last.

Kerf is frequently noted on saw blades as the blade’s density, although that’s not totally precise– the kerf is really the width of the cut made by the blade. If a blade is vulnerable to wobbling, as a thinner blade is vulnerable to, or if the product being cut is soft, or if the saw just isn’t completely lined up, then the kerf can wind up being a bit broader than the blade itself, causing incorrect measurements if it’s not thought about.

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