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Scripps Clinic Must Pay Almost $7M to Older Docs in Age Bias Case

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by Cheryl Clark, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today December 21, 2023

Last Updated December 27, 2023

Health system policies that require older physicians to retire at a specific age might quickly be history after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s choice today targeting Scripps Clinic Medical Group in San Diego.

Under the arrangement, the 750-physician group based in La Jolla, California, will pay afflicted medical professionals an overall of $6.875 million. The firm stated the group’s 2014 policy, which needed medical professionals age 75 and older to retire, broke federal laws disallowing age discrimination.

A spokesperson for the medical group, Michelle Setterberg, stated the 2014 policy “was put in location to improve client security.” It was and is enabled by a particular California federal government code that lets medical groups develop 70 as an obligatory retirement age.

Setterberg stated the EEOC took the position that while such a policy is specifically legal under California law, it is not enabled under federal law, and the medical group rescinded the age cutoff in 2018 after it came under EEOC evaluation.

She highlighted that Scripps Clinic physicians “do not think our policy was illegal, however did not want to be included in lawsuits with the EEOC.”

She decreased to state the number of medical professionals were required to retire under the policy, or the number of medical professionals will get the settlement cash, however stated it was extremely couple of.

She included that by age 75, “many physicians have actually retired and those who have not often have actually willingly restricted their practice.”

The EEOC contract defined that the group was not confessing liability.

In a news release, the company’s chair, Charlotte A. Burrows, kept in mind that because many individuals stay in the office longer, “it is crucial for companies to comprehend the ADEA’s [Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967] defenses for older employees. Because of that, the Commission has actually consisted of discrimination versus older employees amongst the top priorities recognized in its brand-new Strategic Enforcement Plan.”

Concerns including the proficiency of older doctors have actually been a growing issue as the country recuperates from the pandemic, a time when numerous physicians chose to leave practice however lots of older medical professionals have actually remained on.

According to 2019 information from the Association of American Medical Colleges, 44.9% of doctors were 55 years of age or older, however variation was broad, with 91.3% of pulmonology experts being over age 55, however just 8.9% of pediatric anesthesiologists and 8.3% of sports medication medical professionals being above that age.

The Scripps physicians’ group isn’t the only health company in the spot for its age-related policies. The EEOC is taking legal action against Yale New Haven Hospital for needing any clinician who obtains or looks for to restore personnel advantages to take neuropsychological and eye medical examinations if they have had their 70th birthday.

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