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Secret Akamai Technologies Statistics in 2023 (and Facts)

Akamai is no normal tech business. This digital services powerhouse is on an objective to fast-track services into the future. And with over 1 million sites counting on them for cloud computing, cybersecurity, and other advanced offerings, it’s safe to state Akamai is leading the charge. The genuine step of this pioneer lies in the numbers. Akamai’s net worth sits well over $10 billion. 800,000+ United States sites alone utilize Akamai’s unique sauce to speed up efficiency. And incomes? We’re talking billions per quarter– with development riding high.

Income is just part of Akamai’s worth proposal. Every day, the business tweaks and future-proofs its options, working relentlessly so consumers can work easily. No surprise titans like Microsoft and Apple enhance their tech with Akamai. As outstanding as these statistics are, Akamai’s real effect is how it moves business performance. With Akamai, services conserve millions in IT expenses, resist cyber hazards, and provide next-gen digital experiences– the kind that pleasure clients and drive profits.

While the numbers speak volumes about Akamai’s management today, it’s the worth they supply that spells success for their consumers tomorrow. And with development in Akamai’s DNA, something is specific– the very best is yet to come.

Secret Akamai Technology Statistics 2023

  1. Akamai Technologies made $936 million in earnings in the 2nd quarter of 2023.
  2. Once again, the cyber-security business saw a motivating earnings of $523 million in 2022.
  3. Akamai servers hold up to 31,837 live sites, according to analytical information.
  4. Remarkably, in October 2023, Akamai’s site got 1.6 million web visitors.
  5. Based upon reports, Akamai Technologies deserves $16.45 billion since November 7, 2023.
  6. The cloud calculating business tape-recorded $8.303 billion as the worth of its overall possessions in 2022.

General Akamai Technologies Statistics and Facts for 2023

7. Daniel Lewin, Randall Kaplan, Jonathan Seelig, F. Thomson Leighton, and Preetish Nijhawan established Akamai Technologies Inc. in 1998.

8. Akamai Technologies took part in the MIT $50 thousand competitors arranged in 1998. Throughout the competitors, the creators provided an organization proposition on constant hashing.

9. The business’s head office lies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America.

10. In August 1998, the creators of Akamai Technologies developed an efficient model and integrated the American business on August 20.

11. From stats, we discovered that Akamai Technologies was noted on the stock exchange in October 1999. We likewise discovered that the creators began the business’s business service that year.

12. In July 2001, Akamai Technologies Inc. signed up with the Russell 2000 Index and Russell 3000 Index lists.

13. In July 2005, the American business made $1.37 billion in annual earnings.

14. In 2007, Akamai Technologies went into the S&P 500 Index list.

15. Reports share that 55% of Akamai clients are amongst the very best business in the Fortune 500 list.

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