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Socialist Bolivia Seeks to Imprison Top Conservative Leaders in Nation for 20 Years

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bolivia provided charges on Tuesday versus the conservative guv of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, and previous President Jeanine Áñez for their supposed involvement in a “coup” versus previous socialist President Evo Morales in 2019.

Omar Mejillones, the district attorney leading the “coup” case, is asking for a 20-year jail sentence for Camacho, Áñez, and 6 other males implicated of outlining to “depose” Morales.

In truth, Morales was not the target of a coup however picked willingly to resign in late 2019 after the Organization of American States (OAS) discovered proof of scams in his unconstitutional 4th electoral triumph. Morales got away the nation to Mexico together with almost his whole cabinet, leaving Áñez, then a senator, the leading individual in the line of succession in the nation. She ended up being interim president for a year before satisfying her constitutional task to arrange elections as quickly as possible. Bolivia is presently governed by Morales’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) Party.

Bolivian interim President Jeanine Anez speaks throughout the event in La Paz on November 25, 2019, in which Bolivian Salvador Romero Ballivian was sworn in as member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), ahead of brand-new elections at the Quemado Palace. She accepted brand-new elections Sunday in an essential action towards ending weeks of discontent and turning the page on Latin American leftist icon Evo Morales. (JORGE BERNAL/AFP by means of Getty)

Camacho, 45, is being implicated along with previous Defense Minister Luis Fernando López, previous military chief Williams Kaliman, and previous authorities chief Yuri Calderón of being the “authors” of the supposed plot.

Áñez stands implicated of being an “accomplice” together with activist Marco Antonio Pumari, previous Armed Forces inspector Jorge Fernández, and military chief Carlos Orellana.

“It has actually been possible to determine that his [Camacho’s] conduct fits the commission of the criminal offenses of funding terrorism, active bribery, seduction of soldiers, public incitement to devote a criminal activity, criminal association,” Mejillones stated at an interview.

The district attorney declared that there are “133 pieces of documentary proof” and “131 testimonial proof” pieces in the indictment, consisting of Camacho’s bank declarations with which, Mejillones stated, he had the ability to “show” Camacho’s supposed function in moving individuals to the capital city of La Paz to object versus Morales in 2019.

District attorney Mejillones discussed that the demand would be forwarded to a criminal judge who would take the needed actions to open the procedure versus all 8 implicated.

#BTVInforma|La Fiscalía pide entre 15 a 20 años de cárcel para los ocho acusados por el caso #GolpeDeEstado I. Añez y Camacho boy imputados por el delito de terrorismo, que es sancionado con 20 años de cárcel, informa el financial Omar Mejillones
Periodista: María Ulo BTV– #LaPaz

— Bolivia television Oficial (@Canal_BoliviaTV) December 26, 2023

Camacho’s attorney, Martín Camacho, informed the Argentine news outlet Infobae on Wednesday that the guv’s legal group has actually not yet been officially alerted of the allegation which they would wait on the main notice.

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