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Sony reverses Helldivers 2’s account connecting requirement

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Sony has actually chosen to reverse its suggested policy needing a PlayStation Network represent Helldivers 2 gamers on Steam.

Recently, Sony stated PC gamers would need to connect their pre-existing PSN account (or make a brand-new one) with Steam to continue playing the video game. The requirement was switched off at launch due to the frustrating increase of gamers.

Initially, account connecting would’ve started today, May 6. In canceling it, Sony stated it’s “still discovering what is finest for PC gamers. […] Thanks once again for your ongoing assistance of Helldivers 2 and we’ll keep you upgraded on future strategies.”

Responses to this requirement were extremely unfavorable, especially from gamers in nations where PSN isn’t offered. Over the weekend, Helldivers 2 was flooded with unfavorable evaluations and delisted in over 150 nations on Steam.

At the time of its statement, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt informed gamers to share their ideas with PlayStation’s client service page.

Where does Helldivers 2 go from here?

Now that account connecting has actually been ditched, Helldivers 2’s fortunes on Steam are reversing. Its evaluations have actually now gone from “mainly unfavorable” to “combined,” with numerous gamers commemorating their capability to alter Sony’s minds.

When it comes to Pilestedt, he thanked Sony for “rapidly and successfully deciding to leave PSN connecting optional. We together wish to set a brand-new requirement for what a live video game is, and how designers and neighborhood can support each other to produce the very best video game experiences.”

Accompanying this turnaround, Sucker Punch restated the Steam variation of Ghost of Tsushima will just need a PSN represent the Legends co-op mode. The single gamer can be played sans account connecting.

While Helldivers 2 gamers succeeded in altering the requirement, Sony might still require it of gamers in a future PC port.

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