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STALKER 2 sneak peek: A cult timeless satisfies Unreal Engine 5

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We get up in a daze, the sky above us turning a threatening red color. We hear a loud roar, which gets louder in the very first couple of minutes of Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl. An altered pet is munching on our leg; it has actually most likely picked it as its lunch. Its eyes are radiant red, its fur is decomposing, its flesh is decomposing. Never ever mind, eliminate it– one kick later on, the mutant pet flies into an abnormality and shreds in a violent blood blister.

It’s like tossing a tomato into a mixer, however there are no tomatoes here. Rather, there’s lots of eye-candy thanks to Unreal Engine 5: deserted structures flooded with deep, wintry light; threadbare forests stressed by oily, glittering bubbles of distorted truth; spots of peaceful humankind stretching throughout the wilderness.

That’s possibly the best surprise. Stalker 2 has these cold, bleak basements that emit more of a scary ambiance. It likewise has these stunning, practically paradisiacal circumstances.

4K gameplay of Stalker 2:

We learn genuine seas of flowers– entire fields loaded with red, lavish tulips, wishing to actually wander and fall, however shooting shatters the silence. The plants are filled with holes, these gorgeous tulips fly up-wards, our life bar drops menacingly.

Stalker 2 is among those one-hit video games where a single attack can actually harm us and seriously limit our motion. If a shot strikes us in the leg, we limp. Another shot to the arm and our weapon is distorted due to the fact that we all of a sudden can no longer stabilize the AK 47, which itself has a substantial recoil.

Climatic like Fallout 5, hard like Dark Souls

We need to intend utilizing the rear sight and front sight, AKs are rather flexible, other weapons are exact however just enable a couple of shots before a rather long reload animation follows.


Stalker 2 is a hardcore shooter that provides you a clear message: “You become part of this world, however you are trivial. You’re not the star here, you’re a victim, similar to everybody else.”

A world in which we play a part, however are not the focal point. It needs us to consider shooters in a different way– more like Escape from Tarkov or DayZ. One incorrect relocation, slipping through the door and being found, and we’re simply another remains that’s taken control of the zone.

It’s a tactical shooter, since we need to intend low, as the AK in specific has a heavy warp. And the timing of the reload is sensible– it takes some time to unclip the old publication and place the brand-new one. Reload, let’s carry on.

And refilling feels damn loud. We actually flinch when playing– after all, somebody may hear the clatter. See opponent,

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