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Take a look at All of These Celebrities Who Are Related and You Had No Idea

Matthew McConaughey Says Woody Harrelson Could Be His ACTUAL Brother

The plot of EDtv has actually become a reality in many methods, however this truly was the last thing we were anticipating.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson played siblings in the 1999 funny about a video shop clerk who consents to let his whole life come true program. And while numerous normal individuals have actually done the same given that by letting electronic cameras follow them around to captivate the masses, the possibility has actually now been drifted that the sibling part of their cinematic circumstance may be the realest part of all.

“In Greece a couple of years earlier, we’re relaxing discussing how close we are and our households,” McConaughey stated on Kelly Ripa’sLet’s Talk Off Camera podcast in April while reviewing his and Harrelson’s 25-year relationship. “And my mama exists, and she states, ‘Woody, I understood your daddy.’ Everybody knew the ellipses that my mama left after ‘understood.’ It was a crammed K-N-E-W.”

He continued, the stars “did some mathematics” and it turned out that Harrelson’s father, who had actually been in and out of prison, was on furlough (and no longer wed to theCheersstar’s mom) throughout a time that accompanied McConaughey’s moms and dads’ 2nd divorce.

Jim and Kay McConaughey remarried and stayed so till Jim’s death in 1992. Charles Harrelson passed away in a federal supermax center in Colorado, where he was serving 2 life sentences for murder, in 2007.

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Of his now 91-year-old mother’s possible encounter with Harrelson’s daddy, McConaughey– who was born Nov. 4, 1968– stated there might be “invoices and puts out in West Texas where there may have been an event, or a conference, or a ‘understood’ minute.”

he and Harrelson, 62, have actually never ever taken DNA tests to verify one method or another, the Oscar winner keeping in mind that, at this point, “I got a little bit more skin in the video game.”

And Harrelson, adept in the acting gene swimming pool with an Emmy and 3 Oscar elections, was amusing the concept.

“I’ll simply state there is some accuracy to that idea,” he stated onThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert a couple of days after McConaughey’s interview dropped, keeping in mind that the method Kay informed the story was especially suspect.

“It was the ellipses I discovered a little uncomfortable or intriguing,” theCheersalum stated. “‘I understood your dad.'”

While that secret continues to percolate, there are lots of stars who arecertainly associated, so scroll on to see the outcomes of all of our real investigator work:

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Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas

The Mask of Zorro star was wed to the Fifty Shades of Grey starlet’ mom Melanie Griffith for 20 years before they eventually divided in 2015, however that does not indicate the stepfather and child’s bond has actually been severed.

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