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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Both Alphas in Relationship, And It Works

Taylor Swift & & Travis Kelce Both Alphas in Relationship … But It Works!!! 2/24/2024 1:00 AM PT

TMZ Studios

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have a special relationship in which both are alphas, yet there is no friction in between them, in big part since they’re both effective in really various fields.

TMZ has actually taken a deep dive into the most popular relationship on the planet– which is the basis of our brand-new documentary that airs Monday night on Fox– and the agreement amongst individuals in the understand is that alphas are unimportant, since there’s no competitors in between T&T.

As Dr. Phil puts it … both Travis and Taylor are huge handle their own lanes, so there’s no factor they’ll clash. They do the opposite– they’re each other’s cheerleaders.

‘Juicy Scoop’ host Heather McDonald concurred … partially due to the fact that Taylor deliberately “masculates” Travis. This is a hot take you got ta hear!

And author Brittany Hodak loads full marks on Kelce … stating he’s such a protected guy in both his expert and individual life … he can deal with Taylor’s massive success.

TMZ Studios

“TMZ Investigates: Taylor & & Travis: Ultimate Love Story” premieres this Monday, February 26 at 9/8 main on FOX and will stream the next day on Hulu.

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