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The 10 Best Moments from WrestleMania 40

WrestleMania 40 remains in the books! The Triple H Era has actually started! Stephanie McMahon has actually gone back to the fold! Cody Rhodes completed the story! Much occurred over Saturday and Sunday night that it’s freakin’ tough to encapsulate it all. We’ll attempt to nevertheless as we do a fast and unclean rundown of the 10 Best Moments from this year’s Showcase of the Immortals.

However, let’s bow our heads a little to acknowledge 2 informal heroes of ‘Mania Weekend. The? Well, that’s simple. Head Like a Hog. The Swine Begins to Blur. Awful Sty. March of the … Pigs, alright that works as is. Piggy. Okay, that a person simply has it right in the name.

Anyways … it’s 9 INCH NAILS PEPPA PIG!

I do not understand the story behind this at all. I likewise do not would like to know. No context is really the very best context. The only details to be obtained here is that this wee plant has nearly 400 episodes under her belt and now likewise, on top of all that, some f *** ing great taste in music.

The 2nd uncrowned champ from ‘Mania 40?

Commentator Samantha Irvin. Who might simply be the very best commentator the business’s ever seen. Not just did we get to be ideal in the ring with her as she revealed the championship with enthusiastic professionalism and simple and easy interest, however we got to hear her legally choke up revealing Cody as the winner at the end, as Irvin actively does not get informed the match results ahead of time so that she can dispense authentic feelings when hired.

Samantha Irvin was gotten rid of with feeling when revealing Cody Rhodes as the brand-new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion tonight.

— Wrestle Ops (@WrestleOps) April 8, 2024

That stated, on to the 10 Best Moments from WrestleMania 40 …

10. Bayley’s Big Win

Reached the ring (by a minimum of a single person who will most likely be a world champ in 5 years), Bayley dressed up as the Egyptian goddess Isis, signifying recovery, renewal, and kicking the s *** out of your previous buddy.

Bayley capitalized totally on her huge Rumble win by falling Iyo Sky and ending up being the brand-new WWE Women’s Champion. While Corey Graves invested what looked like half the match attempting to google the San Jose park that has Egypt s ***, Bayley broke Iyo’s head into the mat and got the 1-2-3!

9. Rock and Roman Walk Tall on Night 1

You could not tease a Bloodline Rules match on Night 2 without providing, which suggests that the heroes, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, needed to fall on Night 1.

And considering that Seth would end up being a double (triple, even?) loser over the weekend, it was Cody who took the pin after a hellacious bout, a People’s Elbow, and 30 minutes of entryways. And it was The Rock who made the pin, which now makes all of us question if Roman’s ready to get booted out of his own group and relegated to the kid table.

ยป …
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