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The 20 most-read stories of 2023

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Every now and then, you endure a year that you understand you’re going to keep in mind. Often it’s since of an individual turning point. Other times it’s since of notable occasions that impacted everyone in one method or another. And in some years, it’s since we were all amazed by unexpected and fast technological advances.

2023 absolutely will be a year that will be kept in mind. On the tech side, the most significant story was AI, due in no little part to quick advances in big language designs. We had news about area flight, hackers, running systems, and even music gamers.

Continue reading to discover which stories resonated the most with our readers throughout the year.

20. The Ars guide to time travel in the motion pictures

Depending upon the screenwriting, time travel can be among the very best plot gadgets in a film … or among the most complicated, if done inadequately. As we have actually concerned much better comprehend the nature of time, Hollywood has actually started producing more flicks that utilize it as part of the story.

Our ace science press reporter Jennifer Ouellette takes place to be wed to a physicist with his own subreddit, so we chose to turn them loose on the subject of time travel and the motion pictures to see which movies had the very best mix of home entertainment and clinical rigor. Keep reading to learn whereExpense & & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 12 MonkeysandJacuzzi Time Machinewound up.

19. The IBM mainframe: How it runs and why it endures

Mostly thought about antiques of a bygone computing age, over 10,000 mainframe computer systems are still utilized today. Utilized mostly by Fortune 500 business, the majority of these mainframes are offered by IBM. With a family tree going back to technological improvements of the 1950s, these computer systems still stand out with some high-volume usage cases, particularly those including banking.

There utilized to be a lot of business in the mainframe video game, however Rand, GE, NEC, Honeywell, and almost everybody else either no longer exists or is no longer constructing mainframes. IBM is now the only mainframe maker that matters, so have a look at the story to find out why some business still do a few of their computing on mainframes rather of in the cloud.

18. macOS 14 Sonoma: The Ars Technica evaluation

I can not keep in mind a top-20 list that didn’t consist of a macOS evaluation. This might be the outermost down the list it has actually ever appeared, and << spoiler> > this is really the only OS evaluation to appear on this year’s list.<

This is due in no little part to how significant OS updates come out like clockwork when a year, even when there are no significant brand-new functions to thrill users. Nowadays, OS updates can be consulted with whining due to unneeded UI modifications and hardware obsolescence.

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