Friday, April 19

The 3rd RPS Christmas Cracker 2023

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This one is a reach, not going to lie

Image credit: RPS

Pledge you will not inform the other kids, however the RPS personnel are really complicated wonderful spells cast by the Sugar Plum Fairy, as part of an age old pact with the ents of the forest where the RPS treehouse was constructed centuries earlier. Each year the Sugar Plum Fairy needs to gather more desires to power the spells every year (you can assist to make the spells more effective by signing up with the RPS advocate program). While she’s out wish-hunting, here are some Christmas Crackers to sidetrack you.

Time to enjoy your charming joke!

Q: What did the Starfleet Officers call the Chief Of Security’s brand-new toupee?

A: Modern Worf Hair

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