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The Biggest Anime Coming in 2024

As 2023 pertains to an end and we commemorate all the great anime of the in 2015, we here at IGN are currently considering the possibilities and capacity of 2024 and the hodgepodge of highly-anticipated anime that will be striking screens next year. From a long waited for Junji Ito adjustment to a DC Isekai anime, there’s a lot to anticipate. And if you’re waiting for a returning season like Oshi No Ko or That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime then you’re in luck too. Before the year ends, let’s take an appearance at the most significant anime coming in 2024.

The Biggest Anime Coming in 2024Uzumaki Adult Swim

Adjusting Junji Ito’s renowned art design is a difficult job and while there have actually been lots of live action adjustments and an anthology anime series in the last few years, fans are still waiting on a really terrific Ito anime. Ideally Uzumaki will fit that expense. The four-episode series from Adult Swim will adjust the magnum opus of the mangaka, which follows the occupants of a Japanese town who are haunted by swirling spirals. Greatly postponed due to the elaborate nature of adjusting Ito’s work and the production requiring more time to do so, this is at the top of our list as we can’t wait to see Ito’s haunting design concerned the screen in this long past due horror-drenched adjustment.

Kaiju No 8Crunchyroll

Naoya Matsumoto’s Kaiju No 8 is among the very best selling manga of the last number of years, and we could not be more ecstatic for the anime to strike screens. In case you have not had the opportunity to read it, it’s embeded in a world where the titular beasts routinely assault cities around the globe. In Japan– the nation with the greatest concentration of kaiju attacks– a set of buddies devote their lives to signing up with the notorious kaiju defense force and resisting versus the beasts that destroyed their lives. When one of them consumes a kaiju, they get shapeshifting powers that make them the supreme weapon versus the beast’s they’re battling.

Sand Land Toho

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise rejoice! Developer Akira Toriyama has another brand-new anime concerning screens in 2024. Sand Land is based upon the 2000s manga of the exact same name, while we do not have a trailer yet we do have a concept of what it may appear like thanks to the film from previously this year. The dystopian story is embeded in a world where water has actually run dry and a rag tag group of survivors need to come together to remove the power starving individuals in charge. Sand Land has actually currently been adjusted into a computer game which abovementioned 2023 anime motion picture that’s offering all of us this sweet b-roll, however this series needs to broaden the world of Sand Land and provide more Toriyama goodness to audiences worldwide.

Suicide Squad IsekaiWarner Bros.[ยป
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