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‘The Layoff Talk’ by Worth Dayley

Layoffs. Unfortunately, it’s a word that video game designers are exceptionally knowledgeable about. In 2023, over 6,000 tasks were lost. We’re still in the very first quarter of 2024 and the year is currently appearing like it’ll be even worse than the last– over 6,500 individuals have actually been laid off given that January 1st. I personally fear what the number will be when the year is over.

As an outcome of consistent layoffs, over the last couple of months, I’ve believed consistently of my previous video games art teacher, Worth Dayley. Years ago he entered into class and stated, “Tonight’s class is going to be a bit various.” He continued to provide my class a lecture about being laid off.

I composed this tweet about it yesterday when I saw my pals at PlayStation and Deck Nine lose their tasks …

After I sent out the tweet I stopped briefly and believed, ‘What if Worth would want to share the slides?’ I connected to Worth, and the good news is, he stated yes.

The discussions are offered listed below. Some, all, or absolutely nothing in these discussions might use to you, so do not hesitate to take what works or share it with those who might value it.

The Layoff Talk

This deserves’s broad summary of layoffs in video games.


Layoffs, Day-by-Day

This deserves’s breakdown of how he approaches the everyday truth of being laid off. (Mobile)

I wish to offer a huge thank you to Worth for his aid throughout my time as a trainee and for offering these products. I was exceptionally grateful for this info when I initially saw it and I’m two times as grateful now to Worth for being so sincere with his trainees. He was a real instructor in every sense of the word.

Worth is presently the Art Director at Bigscreen VR. If you discover what he’s shared valuable in any method, please follow him on LinkedIn or at his ArtStation.

I hope the year will be kinder to video game designers than we have actually seen so far. Ideally, Worth’s discussions can assist that in some method.


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