Sunday, April 21

The State of the Biden-Trump Rematch

“The Biden individuals appear to be more frightened of [RFK Jr.] than the Trump individuals are … It’s a genuine wild card partially due to the fact that the anti-vaxxer vote is a quite hard-core part of the Republican base.”

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With simply 6 months to go till early ballot starts in some states, the Biden-Trump rematch continues to take shape, highlighting contrasts in between the 2 prospects. Panelists will go over each prospect’s method to ballot, fundraising, method, and messaging in this historical race for the White House.

Signing up with the editorial director of The Atlantic and mediator, Jeffrey Goldberg, today to discuss this and more are Adam Harris, a personnel author at The Atlantic; Mark Leibovich, a personnel author at The Atlantic; Nia-Malika Henderson, a senior political expert at CNN; and Jeff Mason, a White House reporter for Reuters.

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