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The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons: Episode 12 Release Date, Speculation

The oldest Yuzuki falls ill in episode 11 of ‘The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons’ entitled “Hayato Catches a Cold.” Hayato overslept one early morning, and the more youthful siblings were worried.

The more youthful Yuzuki siblings learn that Hayato has a cold, and they do their finest to look after him. His fever aggravates the next day, and they are stressed.

Minato calls the Kirishima household for assistance in panic. Saki looks after Hayato while Kojiro ensures the kids that they succeeded. Here are the current updates.

Episode 12 of ‘The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons’ will be launched on Thursday, December 21, 2023. It is a weekly anime, and brand-new episodes are launched every Thursday. Enjoy The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons on Crunchyroll.

I. Is The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons on a break today?

No, ‘The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons’ is not on a break today. Episode 12 is not postponed and will be launched on the above-stated date.

2. Episode 12 Speculation

As we saw in another heartfelt episode, the Yuzuki brother or sisters appreciate each other a lot. Despite the fact that Hayato is the earliest and constantly looks after the more youthful siblings, the more youthful siblings likewise attempt their finest to do the exact same for him.

Now that Hayato is much better, he will go back to being your house’s main caretaker. If he does not strain himself, the more youthful siblings may assist him out from time to time. The next episode may have them all getting together to assist each other.

3. Wrap-up of Episode 11

Uta remains in an actually excellent state of mind early in the early morning. She exposes that her mother has a day of rest tomorrow, so the Kirishima household is going on a journey. When Minato is retelling this to Hayato, he sneezes, feeling cold.

Neither Minato nor Gakuto feels cold, so Minato declares Hayato may have gotten hay fever. The next day, the more youthful Yuzuki bros are shocked to awaken to raw breakfast. They understand that Hayato has actually captured a cold.

The Kirishima household bids them farewell before leaving for the journey. Minato conceals that Hayato is ill so they do not fret. The more youthful brother or sisters choose to look after Hayato on their own.

The bros make Hayato breakfast, and he feels extremely grateful. They desire him to go to the health center to get skilled recommendations. While Minato takes Hayato to the medical facility, Mikoto and Gakuto will manage home tasks.

Minato is passionate about his responsibility to take Hayato to the health center. The medical professional provides Hayato medication that Minato advises him to consume after lunch. Hayato takes the medication and goes to sleep.

Hayato’s fever breaks after a while, and the siblings choose to head out and get supper. They likewise purchase Hayato cold supplements. Hayato’s fever returns the next day, and the bros are nervous and anxious.

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