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This Kindle Feature Will Make Sure You Never Forget Key Details In Your Books

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Absolutely nothing can be more discouraging than checking out an eBook with many characters, occasions, locations, and terms that you require to track. Unless you have superhuman memory, you’ll undoubtedly be puzzled while reading and begin asking concerns like, “Who was Character 23 once again?” “What was the name of the shop the old couple set up?” “Where did the primary character pursue that significant battle scene?” Usually, you ‘d simply by hand look for the term and after that scroll through the outcomes to get more context.

For all those Kindle enthusiasts out there, there’s an awesome covert function you may not understand about that can be really helpful in scenarios like these: the X-Ray tool. Presented in 2012, this reading function assists you remember crucial information of your eBook much faster and with less trouble. If you’re not familiar with X-Ray, here’s a fast guide on how to utilize this simple Kindle technique to make your reading experience much smoother.

What is Kindle’s X-Ray?

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X-Ray on Kindle functions as a supercharged index for your eBooks. It makes it way much easier to remember crucial information in the book, such as names, locations, occasions, or perhaps lingo. The only distinction in between X-Ray and the standard book index is that the previous is formatted to be more interactive and instinctive. When you open an eBook’s X-Ray, you’ll discover 4 tabs:

  • Significant Clips: Includes unforgettable passages from the book that you can highlight or share straight from the X-Ray page.
  • Individuals: A list of every character discussed in the book, organized alphabetically. It demonstrates how frequently a name is pointed out, the pages or Notable Clips where they appear, and in some cases even character descriptions.
  • Terms: A catch-all tab for other essential information discussed. It notes places, lingo (like medical or electronic terms), occasions (like Christmas or homecoming), trademark name, television programs, items, and more. Each term features a brief description, its frequency of reference, and the pages where it’s discovered.
  • Images: Shows you all the images discovered in the book. The images are shown in the order they appear.

It’s worth keeping in mind that X-Ray is just readily available in books downloaded straight from Amazon. If you send out an eBook to your Kindle by means of any other methods, it will not have X-Ray. Some Amazon eBooks likewise do not have X-Ray allowed. To examine, go to the Kindle book’s Amazon page, scroll down to the “Product information” area, and see whether X-Ray is allowed for the specific book.

How to utilize X-ray on Kindle

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There are 2 main methods to utilize X-Ray on your Kindle eBooks. The very first is by merely pushing and hanging on to the word or expression in the book.

  1. While reading, press and hang on to the term to pick it. If it’s an X-Ray entry (which holds true for the majority of character names,

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