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Today’s NYT Connections Hints (and Answer) for Sunday, December 24, 2023

Credit: Ian Moore

If you’re searching for the Connections response for Sunday, December 24, 2023, kept reading– I’ll share some hints, ideas, and methods, and lastly the services to all 4 classifications. Along the method, I’ll discuss the significances of the more difficult words and we’ll discover how whatever meshes. Be careful, there are spoilers listed below for December 24, NYT Connections # 196! Continue reading if you desire some tips (and after that the response) to today’s Connections video game.

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Listed below, I’ll provide you some oblique mean today’s Connections responses. And further down the page, I’ll expose the styles and the responses. Scroll gradually and take simply the tips you require!

Credit: Connections/NYT

Does today’s Connections video game need any unique understanding?

There are some superstitious custom-mades referenced in among the classifications today. There’s likewise a classification that advises me of that time we had a classification everything about Wonder Woman’s outfit devices, however today’s variation is not about a comic or motion picture character.

Tips for the styles in today’s Connections puzzle

Here are some spoiler-free tips for the groupings in today’s Connections:

  • Yellow classification – Nice and simple.

  • Green classification – Your Christmas ham?

  • Blue classification – Huddled masses not consisted of.

  • Purple classification – Good luck (wink) with this one!

Does today’s Connections video game include any wordplay?

Nope, absolutely nothing based upon spelling or pronunciation today.

Prepared to hear the responses? Keep scrolling if you desire a little bit more assistance.

BE CAREFUL: Spoilers follow for today’s Connections puzzle!

We’re about to hand out a few of the responses. Scroll gradually if you do not desire the entire thing ruined. (The complete option is a bit even more down.)

What are the unclear words in today’s Connections?

  • CHOP and DICE are both methods of cutting food, however they do not describe cooking area preparation today (and they remain in various classifications from each other).

  • To HOCK something is to offer it to a pawn store, however here you’re much better off thinking about HOCK as a noun, the part of an animal’s leg that represents a human heel or ankle. (It’s the one that appears like an in reverse knee.)

  • Your CROWN can be your head, however today this one is a real CROWN. Possibly practically a tiara.

What are the classifications in today’s Connections?

  • Yellow: GENTLE

  • Green: CUTS OF PORK




Prepared to discover the responses to today’s Connections puzzle?

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