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Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener Review: This Gadget Makes It Easy to Keep Blades Sharp

Does the Tumbler knife sharpener work too in reality as it does on TikTok? We put it to the test to discover.

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As a lot of chefs will inform you, finding out how to hone knives by hand utilizing a whetstone is an ability that takes lots of practice to ideal. That’s why a lot of individuals avoid routine knife honing– which is an error the Tumbler rolling knife sharpener looks for to fix.

“It is essential to keep your knife sharp as you will have more accuracy and precision in your work,” states Drew Curlett, a personal chef and cooking trainer in Baltimore, Maryland. “Also, it is much more secure to get cut with a sharp knife than a dull one.” While none people wish to have cooking area mishaps, dull knives in fact put you in even more risk of cutting yourself– particularly when cutting round components, like onions or apples. A sharp knife makes sure whatever you’re cutting sat tight.

The Tumbler knife sharpener has actually stood out of countless users on TikTok and Instagram due to the fact that of how apparently easy it is to utilize. Could this be the future of at-home knife honing? We evaluated one to discover.

What is a Tumbler knife sharpener?

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The Tumbler knife sharpener has a special style that makes it an appealing option to standard techniques. For one, it’s almost sure-fire to utilize, needing absolutely nothing more than the capability to roll a cylinder backward and forward throughout the counter. Really, anybody can utilize this to hone their knives! And, since the round style makes fast work of repeated movement, it just takes a portion of the time and effort to hone knives when compared to utilizing a whetstone. If you utilize the Tumbler knife sharpener for a couple of seconds (yes, secondsweekly, your knives need to remain in first-class condition.


Get a factory-sharp blade anywhere, at any time, with this rolling knife sharpener.

Tumbler Knife Sharpener Features

How precisely does this thing work? The Tumbler knife sharpener is a two-piece gadget that lets anybody hone knifes to an exact, professional-grade edge. One piece is a wood block with magnetic sides with various slopes (20 degrees and 15 degrees), which hold your knife in location at the specific right angle.

The other piece is a wood cylinder with 2 textured discs on each side. One disc is made from an abrasive product with crushed diamonds and the other includes stainless-steel with a helix pattern. Diamonds are the hardest stone in the world, that make them remarkably reliable for honing knives. Stainless-steel is a perfect product for developing a newly sharpened edge. Discuss a vibrant duo!

To keep the 2 pieces together,

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