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Upgraded! 27 Amazing Art Shows This May in Guangzhou

Creating and Interacting with Innocence: Artists and Children in Harmony

The 42 pieces of participatory kids’s art provided here goal to recreate the journey of shared expedition in between artists and kids, showcasing the equally strengthening outcomes of creative production and art education practice.

Till May 5, 2024

University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, No. 168 Waihuan West Road, Higher Education Mega Center (University City)

Modifications Beyond Recognition

Over a century earlier, Guangzhou opened evictions to contemporary development in China, marking a shining age in the city’s advancement history! How did the seeds of females’s pursuit of intellectual and physical freedom settle and grow in Guangzhou over a century back? How did the earliest group of expert ladies in China recognize their life perfects in Guangzhou? All the responses will be revealed in the exhibit!

Till May 5, 2024

Guangzhou Maritime Museum, No. 22 Xuri Street, Miaotou, Huangpu

I’m Trying to Paint Myself

Duan Zhengqu, an artist whose profession covers almost 5 years, has actually developed a distinct existence in the art world with his robust and plain design, abundant in visual stress similar to his northern roots.

Up until May 5, 2024

University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, No. 168 Waihuan West Road, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu

Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024

Guangzhou Design Triennial 2024 will open to the general public in January 2024! The Triennial has actually acquired large attention from the scholastic neighborhood given that its preparation. Guangdong Museum of Art is honored to welcome 18 scholars, who have actually long been deeply participated in art theory research study and have a high degree of issue, level of sensitivity and observation in Chinese modern art, art style and other fields, to take part in the Academic Committee of the Guangzhou Design Triennial.

Up until May 12, 2024

Guangdong Museum of Art, No. 38 Yanyu Road, Ersha Island, Yuexiu

Exhibit of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance & & The Charm of Qi Baishi

The exhibit innovatively integrates the creative design of Qi Baishi with intangible cultural heritage developments, showcasing over 90 thoroughly crafted works by more than 50 intangible cultural heritage developers. These displays include 26 intangible cultural heritage tasks, highlighting the abundant cultural tradition and creative essence gave through generations.

Up until May 19, 2024

R Art Spce, 7/F Bld.5, Parc Pearl River, No. 8 Yuwei West Road, Liwan

Another Art Museum Carnival

Experience the combination of art and home entertainment here! Immerse yourself in the essence of Cantonese culture while taking pleasure in the home entertainment. End up being a master of standard workmanship and join us now!

Till May 19,

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