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Vaccines, IVF, That Super Bowl Advertisement: What to Know About Nicole Shanahan, RFK Jr.’s Running Mate

Previously today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed that his 2024 running mate will not be Aaron Rodgers or Jesse Ventura, however Silicon Valley legal representative (and Sergey Brin ex) Nicole Shanahan. What exists to understand about Kennedy’s VP choose? For beginners: At a time when in vitro fertilization is under severe hazard, she’s a significant critic of the treatment that has actually assisted countless individuals end up being moms and dads.

Politico reports that Shanahan has “for several years knocked IVF.” In February, she informed the Australian Financial Review that IVF is “among the most significant lies that’s being outlined females’s health today.” In a 2023 interview with The New Yorker, she informed the outlet, “Many of the I.V.F. centers are economically incentivized to provide you egg freezing and I.V.F. and not incentivized to provide you other fertility services.” In an essay for Individuals released in 2022, she composed “I think IVF is offered irresponsibly, and in my own experience with natural giving birth has actually led me to comprehend that the fertility market is deeply flawed.” While slamming IVF, Shanahan has actually likewise required research study into things like sunshine direct exposure to assist ladies have kids. “I’m unsure that there has actually been an actually extensive mitochondrial respiration research study on the results of 2 hours of early morning sunshine on reproductive health. I would enjoy to money something like that,” she stated throughout a 2023 panel with the National Academy of Medicine, a group she had actually provided $100 million. The declaration was consulted with laughs, to which she reacted: “Yeah, let’s do it … I simply have an instinct that might be fascinating and possibly work.”

Somewhere else, it will maybe not come as a surprise that Kennedy’s running mate has concerns about vaccines, and takes umbrage with the term “anti-vaxxer.” Speaking with The New York City Times previously this year, she stated “I do question vaccine injuries.” While insisting she is “not an anti-vaxxer,” she informed the outlet “I believe there requires to be an area to have these discussions.” In an interview with Newsweek, she boldly recommended Kennedy is not anti-vaccine, regardless of the reality that, as CNN notes, “Kennedy is amongst the most popular vaccine doubters in the nation and, through his function as the head of Children’s Health Defense, has actually assisted spread out frauds about vaccines, consisting of the claim that they can cause ‘injuries’.” In her interview with Newsweek, Shanahan stated that she got a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and a booster and later on experienced “substantial health problems.” “I do not understand if they’re associated,” she stated, “however I ‘d like to understand.”

Before Shanahan was formally contributed to the ticket, she was a “significant source” of financing– and imaginative input– for the Kennedy project advertisement that ran throughout the Super Bowl and was condemned by more than one member of the Kennedy household. Tony Lyons, a cochairman of the Kennedy-aligned incredibly PAC that produced the business– which recreated a classic JFK political advertisement from 1960– informed the Times Shanahan was “the driving force behind the choice” to remake the area.

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