Thursday, February 22

Video: Alex Shares His Top Five Games Of 2023

What a marvel

  • by Ollie Reynolds 12 hours ago

Well folks, Felix has had his say, Zion has had his say, and now it’s Alex’s turn.

Yep, we’re back with one last ‘leading 5 Switch video games of 2023’ from our charming video group, and as guaranteed, this last list will include 5 titles totally various from the previous 2, due to the fact that them’s the guidelines.

That suggests that given that Zion and Felix have actually jointly chosen video games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Sea of Stars, Super Mario RPG, and F-Zero 99, you’re not going to discover any of them here.

What has Alex picked? Well, you’ll need to simply enjoy the video to learn. Or wait till somebody remarks with a standard list of his options. Whine whine, spoilsports …

Do you concur with Alex’s choices? What about Zion and Felix? Let us understand your ideas with a remark in the typical location.

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